News of 3199 Turn Minus 4

Battle of Granyt

Quadrant 7. Grid 684098, StarDate 3198.331

Venerian-led 5th Allied Fleet destroyed a Exterminator Viking unit near the M25 of Granyt, protecting the Grand Fleet and its mass driving operation. Shortly afterward, the Exterminators abandoned their extensive base complex on Granyt 4 and fled the system. A resounding victory for Huamnkind!

No News of Grand Fleet

Q7 3198.330

From: The Daily Star Mail. Concern mounts in Quadrant 7, as there is no news of the fate of the largest fleet humanity has ever assembled. The fleet, bound for a suspected Exterminator Base at a classified location was last heard from a month ago. Joint High Command spokesperson issued a statement “The progress of Humanity’s Grand Fleet, is of course classified, but we can confirm that the Joint HQ is completely relaxed about the situation and is not worried or panicking at all. No, really.” The fleet was under the command of Esteeler Admiral Stipes, who is the best the Esteelers have. Questions are being asked in some parts as to why Burwasher wasn’t allowed to take command. Is this a case of political considerations blocking the best man for the job from leading the fleet to certain victory?

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STOP PRESS: Apparently the fleet has been heard from, but what they’ve said is classified. So that’s alright then.

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