News of 3200 Turn 5

Xyonist Fleet Defeats Pirates.

Dateline Mender Q2, 3199.375

The Xyoist Second Fleet conducted a surprise attack on a gang of pirates who were raiding the independent world of Mender, just outside Xyonist space. A spokesperson for the Union said “We can’t have this sort of thing in our own back yard – pirates be warned – we know where you live.” The fleet – though very small and encountering large numbers of pirate vessels aquitted itself well, killing or capturing many pirates.

The Supreme Alliance is Formed 3200

Finally, after years of inaction, the Home Governments have agreed on an alliance to defeat the Exterminators. As an historic treaty is signed in the Old London, Earth – news is coming in of the largest ever Exterminator base being discover in the outer colonies. Executive Summary.

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