News of 3200 Turn 6

Ex-PM guilty of corruption

Dateline Park Ape Q8, 3200.021

Park Ape’s ousted Prime Minister Dym Kyunt has received a 44-year suspended jail sentence by a special tribunal in the capital Nougar, legal sources say. They say he was convicted on eight charges, including corruption and bribery, after the closed-door trial. Dym Kyunt – who also headed the military intelligence – was ousted lastyear after apparently losing a power struggle within the ruling military. It is believed he will be kept under house arrest. Dym Kyunt’s two sons were also found guilty, the sources say, but it is not clear what sentences they received. Thirty-eight intelligence officers linked to Dym Kyunt have been given prison sentences of 20 to more than 100 years. Correspondents sayDym Kyunt was dismissed because his position as head of military intelligence brought him into disagreement with Park Ape’s senior leader, General Byg Yin, who now controls the army. Dym Kyunt also favoured a more liberal approach to dealing with Park Ape’s pro-democracy movement. Park Ape’s junta originally announced that Dym Kyunt was retiring for health reasons, but later brought the criminal charges.

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