News of 3200 Turn 7

Protests disrupt Robot march

Dateline Helm’s Deep 3200.089

Pro-Robot rights parades are often festive events, but HD police have arrested protesters after they shouted insults and threw eggs at people taking part in the Q2 colony’s first robot pride march. The few dozen marchers were outnumbered by hundreds of protesters who blocked the narrow streets of the capital. Police were forced to alter the march route and to form a chain around the parade participants to protect them. The march had sparked outrage in Helm’s Deep and only went ahead after a court overturned a council ban on the event. Officials said that six of the protesters had been detained for their part in disrupting the march. Prime Minister Oubvius had opposed the event, saying the colony should “not promote things like that”. “For bizarre minorities to parade in the very heart of the capital city, next to the Holy Church, is unacceptable,” he told INN. One of those who took part in Saturday’s march, 61-year-old Lars-Peter Sjouberg, from Owl, said he had been shocked by the offensive remarks made by protesters. “Protesters here were really aggressive […] but it won’t stop me from helping my Helm’s Deep mechanical friends fight for their rights.”

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