News of 3200 Turn 8

Battle of Z’Ha’Dum

Quadrant 5 Stardate 3200.110

One of the mightiest Exterminator bases ever encountered, the Combined Human Fleet under Venerian Admiral Lugaburruga will attempted to destroy it with a massdriving attack, supported by the combined human fleet.

The combined fleet sent two rocks on massdriving missions from opposite sides of the system. The Exterminators split their forces and engaged the whole main fleet with 3 ESBs and 6 vikings. A decoy force of support ships was driven off by another force of 3 ESBs and 6 vikings.

The battle between the main fleet and the exterminators was bloody, but ended in victory for human forces. A rock hit the main Exterminator base on Z’ha’Dum III – utterly destroying it. Only orbital facilities survived. The second force of ESBs burnt for the M25 on realising that the rock was unstoppable.

Secret Report Rumoured

3200.110, Q7

Reports are circulating that the Quadrant Seven Boffin Think-Tank ‘UNIT’ has issued an interim report to the High Command in Q7 about how to defeat the Exterminaotrs.
So far, nobody is saying anything. What do they have to hide?

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