News of 3200 Turn 9

Z’Ha’Dum : Operation Wasp’s Nest II

Dateline Z’Ha’Dum Q5, 3200.155

The remaining Exterminator Fortresses and shipyards at Z’ha’Dum were destroyed in a daring combined assault using specially modified ‘suicide ALSIs’ each containing nuclear weapons. A ramming attack delivered these weapons on each of the four remaining foresses in the system, resulting in their utter destruction. Surviving shipyards were destroyed by conventional forces.

Esteeler Elections a close call!

Stardate 3200.175, Q7.  Latest analysis of the front runner’s positions from ENG:

Excitement is at Fever Pitch in the ODD QUADS!

As the second round of voting [Quadrants 1,3, 5 and 7] approaches on 3200.200 [T8] , the very different positions of the two Main Parties on the waging of the Exterminator War becomes apparent. This is an especially interesting phase, as the two Quadrant Governors on the tickets [Potato of Q5 and Elgon of Q7] face the challenge of mobilising their ‘home’ vote in two badly mauled Quadrants.  The showing so far of the independent candidates Talliaferro and Bott-Spillius indicates they have no chance of victory, though their actions will influence the outcome, especially if either withdraws and then asks supporters to switch to a Main Party candidate.  Here are the responses from the contenders to our questions on some of the ‘War’ issues so far. Clearly, the future policy of the Greater Federation will be very different depending on who wins.

S= Star Party. Candidates: for President Alphonse Z. Potato, for Vice-President Ross Frink
R = Reform Party. Candidates: for President Marco Snownose, for Vice-President Rhett Elgon

What should be the basis of fighting the War?

S ‘Protect Humanity’ The Core Systems of Q0 must be protected at all costs. Expeditionary Forces to endangered Quadrants will be generously supported as long as the Core is not thereby endangered.

R ‘Humanity Will Prevail’ The War must be prosecuted aggressively and the Enemy sought out and destroyed by the Projection of Maximum Force to Enemy Locations.

How should the political direction of the War be handled?

S There is no guarantee to ratify the Treaty of Old London and it will be reviewed in the light of Esteeler interests. The best way forward is local arrangements to meet local needs, with no firm commitments to any central direction of the War. Esteeler personnel must never be subject to foreign jurisdiction.

R The Old London Treaty will be ratified and the GFA will give full support to the new Supreme Commander of All Human Forces.

Will all Esteeler forces be committed to Joint Command?

S Not necessarily. If GFA agrees to any Joint Command, the ‘Doctrine of Equivalence’ will apply. That is to say : the GFA will reserve the right to withhold from Joint Command the same combat power as all other polities in each theatre, to be determined by the President.

R Yes. All Esteeler interstellar forces will be committed to Joint Command for the duration of the War.

What changes should be made to the economy in the light of the War?

S The best way is to boost the economy with tax cuts and light regulation which will provide abundant revenues by increasing prosperity. Defence spending will be kept under review and increased only in line with operational needs.

R There must be big increases in production of war vessels. The economy must be put on a war footing with big increases in defence spending; and tax increases, for the duration of the War, cannot be ruled out.

How should ‘reluctant Allies’ be dealt with?

S The President will respect the independence of other polities as he expects Esteeler independence to be respected. Live and Let Live will be his motto. Co-operation will be promoted by persuasion and diplomacy, not threats.

R All polities will be expected to commit fully to the principles of the Draconis Address of 3199. Any polity or political leader deliberately withholding from the War Effort, or taking advantage of the War to take shabby advantage, will be arraigned for War Crime before an Interstellar Court of Justice.

Mars Declares State of War in Q5 and Q6

Stardate 3200.160

Rumours of a whole new gigantic fleet of Exterminator Super Battleships arriving in Quadrant 5 has caused widespread panic in all polities in both Q5 and Q6. Merchant ships are fleeing the colonies, and just as colonists were returning, they are leaving again. Those unable to leave are frantically stockpiling food, digging shelters, or dispersing to remote parts of their planets. Analysis predict this panic, if unchecked, will have a serious effect on both quadrants’ economies.

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