Interstellar Banking

87.3% of all banking interests are managed or controlled by the Big Seven interstellar banks.

With the exception of the Republican Bank, these operate generally independently of Government interference, much as the Corporations do - though local legislation will affect the nature and scope of their operations.

First Interstellar Bank of Asteel - A major investor in Esteller corporations and a dring force behind Asteel's financial grow over th elast century or so.

Barkwestoids Direct - A very old bank - some even claim it has its origins in pre-historic times. It represents the staid and traditional end of the market.

Free Martian Cooperative Society - base on Old Mars in the Sol system, and so technocally within the Solar Republic, the FMCS is heavily invested in the Mars Association of Free Colonies.

Royal Bank of Wolf - The Wolfer Royal Family are major investors and have significant holdings on this bank, which is a major finacial player in Quadrant Zero.

The Republican Bank - High proportion of this bank is state-owned by the Venerian republic - tends to be most active on Venerian controlled worlds.

Central Centauri Bank - a highly entrepreurial bank with a vary wide portfolio, especially in the outser quadrants.

United Nations Bank - Dominates in Earth Empire space.