News of 3220 Turn 152

Corrupt Politicians Arrested Dateline 3220.062  Turkomen Q1 Councillor Akimori, the Supreme Councillor of Turkomen announced today a major reshuffle of her council following the arrest of 8 councillors on corruption charges, along with 64 other government employees in senior positions.  According to the charges all eight of them have been implicated in a major piracy […]

News of 3220 Turn 151

Unreported ‘Dino Flu’ Outbreaks Reach Epidemic Proportions Dateline 3219.350 Quadrant 7 and 8 For many years now there have been mixed reports from Quadrants 7 and 8 regarding health issues on many colony worlds.  Our reporters have unearthed a widespread consipracy of silence on this issue, as colonial administrators, local Governors and politicians and senior […]

News of 3203 Turn 30

News of 3203 Turn 30: 3203.050 – 3203.099 League of Non-Aligned Worlds Formed Stardate 3203.070 Gorilla, Quadrant 0 After over two years of negotiation,foreign ministers from Gorilla, Kordon, Benny, Ahriman, Count Down, Kree, Shi’Ar, Vijanta, Nissan, Wing, Duke and L99 announced the formation of a ‘League of Non-Aligned Worlds’ of Quadrant Zero. The essential purpose […]

News of 3217 Turn 144

In Brief:  New Draconis refugee numbers top 1/4 million point. Terrorists Bomb  Transhuman Registration Office Dateline 3217.132 116AL Q7 A massive explosion was heard throughout the captial city of the 116Al colony, as a suicide bomb attack utterly devasted government offices in the downtown area of the city.  Over 64 colonists died in the attack, […]