News of 3231 Turn 196

FULL REPORT HERE Already the new initiative has had postive responses from major corporations with interests in Quadrant 7.  The Quadrant COO of Sanctury Clinics said “We welcome this new initiative, which is a true enabler of economic success and it is an attractive opportunity for Sanctury Clincs to widen its investment profile to support […]

News of 3231 Turn 195

Apparently stirred up by the so-called Arise! Imperial Draconis movement, anti-Earther feeling is running high on Draconis.   Anything even suspected as being related to Earth or Earhters is being vandalised, attacked or destroyed, and hundreds have been injured in many incidents. General Mustar, charismatic commander of the Revolutionary Brigades in the north of the DATW […]

News of 3230 Turn 194

Previously a minor illness, a new strain of Green Fever (which is highly infectious) has taken the local medical authorities by suprise and is spreading rapidly. Father Shakewell, a controversial prelate on Y24, is stirring up civil unrest by preaching the militaristic Clewgist religion. Father Shakewell’s teachings have attracted a rapidly growing following, leaving some […]

News of 3230 Turn 193

In an effort to put the planet’s reputation as a damaged and divided world behind it, the coalition planetary government conducted a referendum on changing the system name.  The winning name was ‘Unity Red‘.  A close second was ‘Peaceworld’. Heavily armed cadres from the Revolutionary Brigades under charismatic General Mustar have pushed out of their […]

News of 3230 Turn 192

A hidden pirate base in a jungle archepelago of W5 was stormed in a daring intelligence-led operation conducted by the elite Wolf ‘Lucky Seven’ Division, in conjunction with elements of Centauri Squadron Safeguard Beta.  The Wolfers report that 64 pirates have been captured and returned to Prtoprnss for trial.  Wolf forces took no casualties. Martian […]

News of 3219 Turn 150

Director lashes out at AI Palatine (Q8) Mark Watney, Director of the Martian Artificial Intelligence Detection Service (MAIDS) for Q8 has forthrightly told an audience on Palatine that the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) could be cataclysmic unless its rapid development was strictly and ethically controlled. ‘Because other polities were not as vigilant as the […]

News of 3216 Turn 138

Extreme weather disaster Power House (Q8) “It is going to continue to get hotter,” said Anthelm Trobe, a meteorologist for the Q8 Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s physical sciences laboratory. ‘Rising temperatures and drought are unequivocally linked to human activities. We need to change how we live.” Four women chosen to run Goudier Islands outpost and […]

News of 3216 Turn 136

Presidential hopeful – Independence for Dchoveny Dchoveny (Q6) Comedian Bogan Martell won the first round, capturing 30.24 percent of the popular vote to Timmy Carss’s 15.95 percent. Pre-election polls projected a Martell win . His rise since announcing his candidacy since the fall of the previous government following a no confidence vote is striking. Martell […]