News of 3220 Turn 153

Black Hole on Mystery to be ‘Shut Down’ Following in-depth discussions at the recent Asteel Summit, it was agreed that the International Forerunner Foundation (IFF) operation on Mystery be terminated, all personnel evacuated, and the tethered singularity there be allowed to be shut down by the Forerunner Artificial Intelligence known as Interlocutor.  The evacuation has […]

News of 3220 Turn 152

Corrupt Politicians Arrested Dateline 3220.062  Turkomen Q1 Councillor Akimori, the Supreme Councillor of Turkomen announced today a major reshuffle of her council following the arrest of 8 councillors on corruption charges, along with 64 other government employees in senior positions.  According to the charges all eight of them have been implicated in a major piracy […]

News of 3220 Turn 151

Unreported ‘Dino Flu’ Outbreaks Reach Epidemic Proportions Dateline 3219.350 Quadrant 7 and 8 For many years now there have been mixed reports from Quadrants 7 and 8 regarding health issues on many colony worlds.  Our reporters have unearthed a widespread consipracy of silence on this issue, as colonial administrators, local Governors and politicians and senior […]

News of 3203 Turn 30

News of 3203 Turn 30: 3203.050 – 3203.099 League of Non-Aligned Worlds Formed Stardate 3203.070 Gorilla, Quadrant 0 After over two years of negotiation,foreign ministers from Gorilla, Kordon, Benny, Ahriman, Count Down, Kree, Shi’Ar, Vijanta, Nissan, Wing, Duke and L99 announced the formation of a ‘League of Non-Aligned Worlds’ of Quadrant Zero. The essential purpose […]

News of 3217 Turn 144

In Brief:  New Draconis refugee numbers top 1/4 million point. Terrorists Bomb  Transhuman Registration Office Dateline 3217.132 116AL Q7 A massive explosion was heard throughout the captial city of the 116Al colony, as a suicide bomb attack utterly devasted government offices in the downtown area of the city.  Over 64 colonists died in the attack, […]