News of 3203 Turn 30

League of Non-Aligned Worlds Formed

Stardate 3203.070 Gorilla, Quadrant 0

After over two years of negotiation,foreign ministers from Gorilla, Kordon, Benny, Ahriman, Count Down, Kree, Shi’Ar, Vijanta, Nissan, Wing, Duke and L99 announced the formation of a ‘League of Non-Aligned Worlds’ of Quadrant Zero. The essential purpose of the league is to uphold the interests of non-aligned independent worlds, particularly in the light of recent events – the Exterminator War, the Binni Crisis, AI outbreaks and the formation of pan-human command structures in particular. The President of Gorilla, hosting the launch of the League said “There are many high level discussions among the major power blocs which have largely excluded the voice of the independents. We are human too, and deserve a voice, without compromising our sovereignty as independent states”. Representatives of all the other independent worlds in Q0 have been in attendance, and whilst they are not signatories of the League’s Charter they are currently reviewing whether they will join the League in future. The new headquarters of the League will be in Popinjay City on Gorilla III and a council of representatives will be sitting in semi-permanent session there.

‘Explosion’ in Forerunner Finds

Dateline 3203.059 Quadrant Zero

In a press conference at IFF HQ on New Venus the Acting Director of the IFF Prof. Stone reports that since the coordination of Forerunner research effort,and as a result of the unprecedented increase in international funding for the subject, finds of ancient Forerunner artifacts and structures have undergone a virtual ‘explosion’.

He went on to detail the most recent finds, including some functioning artifacts, bases, even possible remains of Forerunners themselves. Prof. Stone said “It would appear that we are entering a Golden Age in our understanding of the illustrious sentient predecessors of humanity in this area of space. It is becoming clear than humanity may owe more than it generally realised to this ancient and highly advanced species.”


Venerian First Fleet Deployed to Avalon.

Dateline 3202.358 Avalon Q1

The Venerian Colonial Government in Quadrant 1 has announced a major deployment of it’s fleet to the newly-joined colony of Avalon. Readers will recall that Avalon was the scene of a military ‘face off’ a couple of years ago, and the planet subsequently voted to join the Venerian Republic. According to the official Venerian ‘news of the stars’ news agency the deployment was to enhance security and to dissuade grave robbers and adventurists and to provide support for the IFF study team currently operating on Avalon. Apparently, since news broke that some valuable archaeological artifacts had appeared on the open market – the place had become infested with ‘bandit archeologists’ seeking to dig up a bit of profit somehow. The Venerians have acted swiftly to restore order, and currently nobody is allowed to visit the world unless they are an authorised merchant, a resident, or have ‘legitimate business’ there. The Acting Director of the IFF, Professor Stone said “This is good news – Avalon may be one of the most significant Forerunner sites we’ve found in recent years – we can have the hoi poloi just tramping all over the place.”

Major Corruption Uncovered.

Dateline Gat, Quadrant 1, Stardate 3203.005

The Seven Worlds Alliance has been developing its combined defences for over two years now, and this has included substantially increasing defence forces. In a dawn swoop on Adler City on Gat (Q1) police and security forces arrested the 18 of the top executives of the Gat Armed Forces Procurement Authority. Documents and files were seized and credit accounts frozen.

This was the result of a long term joint anti-corruption operation conducted by police forces from Gat, Lamster, Radhakrishnan, Damper and Killicrankie. A spokesperson for the Unified Military Council said “We have been worried about escalating costs and consultancy fees related to military procurement. This is a major coup for the Alliance and will send a clear message to anyone seeking to exploit their position of trust”.

The Hisham Abbas, the Prime Minister of Gat said “My government thoroughly supports the joint police action – we stand for honesty, truth and justice. We will roust out corruption, root and branch”.

Othello Joins Centauri Conglomerate

Quadrant 2 Dateline 3202.380

After considerable trade links and negotiation, the government of Othello has signed the membership contract to become a partner in the Centauri Conglomerate. This is the first Centauri Conglomerate member in Quadrant 2. A spokesperson of the Othello Government said “We are very pleased with the new relationship. Our economy has been growing strongly over the past couple of years, with help from Centauri advisors and consultants. This marks a major move forward in the development of our world.”

Semaj Diary Controversy Rages

Dateline 3203.055 Kumarajiva Q0

An ancient data disk, recovered from an archeological site on Avalon in Quadrant 1 two years ago, has caused a major rift in the newly-formed Interstellar Forerunner Foundation. Many of the senior and respected Semaj experts remain convinced that this is a genuine record of the last year or so of the semi-legendary Mek Semaj’s life, and proves that he was in contact with an alien entity, possibly even an Artificial Intelligence – which lured him to his death on a distant – and at the time uninhabited – star system.

Others, equally eminent, are convinced that the ‘diary’ is nothing but a very elaborate hoax – and maintain that Semaj was killed during fighting at the Battle of Oberon. This hoax, it is claimed, is an attempt by persons unknown to sabotage efforts to unravel the origins of humanity’s development of interstellar travel.

It is reported that the IFF’s acting Director has ordered that this bickering should stop. Reporters were told that the Foundation will be conducting further work on Avalon in any case. Professor Stone said “Look…there is always debate among academics – it is part of what we do. As it happens we will continue to work on this project until we get at a plausible result – no avenue will go unchecked.” When asked if the row would result in any resignations, Professor Stone would not be drawn.

Judicial Battles on Balus

Dateline Balus Q3, Stardate 3203.030

Major court battles are going on between a number of corporations and the Earther colonial government. The corporations are claiming losses incurred as a result of economic policies instituted during the so-called ‘Vision Crisis’. It is alleged that economic policy changes brought about by local planetary governors on the instruction of ‘Vision’ damaged corporate interests, and as such the government was failing it’s ‘duty of care’ to ensure that citizens (and corporations) are protected from hostile influences or attack.

The Colonial Government is refuting the claims and government lawyers are taking the line that the economy has, overall, not been overly damaged as a result of the crisis, and that the Government took all reasonable steps to ameliorate the crisis.

The case is likely to run for quite a long time – some experts say it could take years.

Zemo Wins Douglas

Dateline 3203.002 Douglas Q6

Scenes of great celebration and jubilation followed the victory of Heinrich Zemo’s Social Righteousness Party in the planetary diet elections. Following the victory, the SRP held a mass rally in the planetary capital city, Kirk. Over a million people are reported to have turned up. The victory was so substantial that it has put the rival political parties into crisis, and the leaders of both main parties have resigned.

In Zemo’s victory speech he said “When an opponent declares, ‘I will not come over to your side,’ I calmly say, ‘Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community'”

Zemo’ SRP is planning to develop the rights of Douglanders, and has been long critical of the world’s membership of the MAFC – it is an open secret that they plan to ‘renegotiate the terms’ of membership of the Association.

Rumours of War.

Dateline Colony W2, Quadrant 7, Stardate 3203.001

One of humanity’s most far flung colonies, on the very outskirts of distant Quadrant 7 appears to be in the throes of open warfare. According to news agencies in Q7, two rival groups of colonists have started a prolonged armed conflict over the particularly fertile and resource-rich Golden Isle, near the colony world’s equator. Even though the colony is very basic and has only just been settled recently, colonists seem prepared to shed blood to stake their claim to the very valuable Red Mercury deposits that have been discovered on the island. Military equipment is in short supply, but that has not prevented gun battles and raiding as well as shuttle airstrikes. Both the rivals, the Paradise Colony and the Sierra Madre Colony, have been seeking to buy arms from a variety of sources. No prospect of an early solution to the conflict seems in sight.

Crisis on Calvin

Dateline Calvin Q8 320.010

Reports are coming in from Quadrant 8 of a major humanitarian crisis on the technically uninhabited world of Calvin. When the colony failed several years ago, a large number of colonists refused to leave, and although the major elements of infrastructure were removed by salvage operators, the determined pioneers stayed behind and continued to eke out an existence in extremely primitive, almost ‘dark age’ conditions. A routine survey visit received a repeating distress signal from the colony world, and discovered tens of thousands of starving survivors. Many thousands have already died, and ships are being sent from the neighboring Martian colonies of Jigaroo and Tellos to transport the survivors off the stricken colony.

A spokesperson for the Humanitarian Aid Charity MARSAID said. “It is most distressing that so many people have suffered, and we will do what we can for them. However, public sympathy is low because many believe these communities recklessly put themselves at risk. Nevertheless, we will try to make their resettlement as easy as possible and help these unfortunate people.”

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