News of 3216 Turn 140

INN Datelines : 3216.350 to 3216.399

Map Of Forerunner Space Decoded?

Dateline Mystery Q0 3216.355

News is leaking out via various sources that the alien-0132researchers and archeologists on Mystery have managed to complete the first full map of what they believe to be the extent of the Forerunner Civilisation at its largest, shortly before the decline or disappearance of the Forerunners from known space.

Whilst still awaiting full peer review and release for publication, and while the information lockdown remains in place on Mystery, this is not in the public domain, but it might lead to some interesting clues about the nature of our immediate neighbourhood, and perhaps even tell us something about the likely fate of this mysterious precursor civilisation.

Clampdown on Tinky

Dateline Tinky Q4 3216.326

arrestA planet-side security clampdown has ensued following the terrorist bombing of the Venerian Republic Office of Trade & Industry.

In particular, military and police have located and arrested over 1024 members or associates of the criminal organisation ‘ Extremists Hate Offworld Hegemony’.

A spokesperson for the Venerian Colonial Governor said, “…all of those arrested will be given a free and fair trial prior to their entirely appropriate punishment with the full force of Republican Law.” Given the crimes the accused are being charged with, this is very likely to mean the death penalty for a significant number of those arrested.

The colonial authorities have been particularly sensitive to subversives and troublemakers in recent years, as the dust has only recently settled on the quadrant’s secessionist troubles of only a few years ago.

Passengers Rescued in Quadrant 5

Dateline Ant Q5 3216.322

stars2When the hyperspace drive of the SS President an interstellar liner in transit from Over to Ant failed, the passengers and crew thought they would never be found. But fortunately the failure occurred within a couple of light-years of Ant and the authorities there acted quickly to conduct a pattern search of an imaginable volume of interstellar space. The liner was transmitting its distress ping (as is standard in situations like this), but the distress signal would have taken several years to reach an inhabited world, by which time the passengers and crew would have starved to death.

The starguard of Ant pressed into service every vessel it could and set up a search algorithm, hoping to send a ship close enough to the stricken ship to detect its transmissions.

This is often a matter of sheer luck – and lucky they were, for within 50 days, the SS Mary’s Baby, a small Class 3000 freighter, picked up the signal. It was a major rescue effort even then to transship the 960 passengers and 40 crew, and put a salvage crew aboard the stricken ship, but this was achieved with no loss of life. Rescue operations like this are rare, and rarely succeed in finding the lost ship, this being only the fourth such successful rescue in the last 100 years.

‘Pirates’ Attempt Coup on Z126

Dateline Z126 Q7 3216.334

00687284250There was violent street fighting in Snowfall, the main city of this struggling colony, as armed gangs of what are being called ‘Rapacious Space Pirates’ by the local government attempted to overthrow the Colonial Council of Z126. After some very fierce street fighting, the local militia, supported by a Local Volunteer Forces formed by the citizens, managed to drive out the attackers. According to some sources, the attackers claimed to represent the Freedom and Democracy movement, who claim they were acting for the ‘…greater good’ as the ruling regime were alleged to be “…a group of evil slave-owning oligarchs…”.
The local Council said “This was a violation of the ordinary law abiding citizens of Snowfall. Fortunately our security forces were ready to fight the pirate terrorists, and this only goes to prove that our policies of civil monitoring and limits on unrestricted movement and association are working and are necessary for the safety of everyone.”

Rotnart Improves Internal Security

Dateline Rotnart Q6 3216.341

armour1The Colonial Government on Rotnart announced today that it has achieved all its targets in recruiting and equipping the local police detachment known as the Guardian Service. This new arm of the civil police is based on a model successfully rolled out in a number of words in Q6, now, particularly Blenda, Douglas and Doggie. The Guardian Service has possibly had its popularity improved by the popular look of the new uniforms, which have been commissioned from the internationally renowned clothes designer Tarquin Chief. Mr Chief’s press officer said “We are all so delighted by the result you know. The design speaks to the wearer and the onlooker – it says ‘here I am’ in a way that is both strong and bold. But at the same time stylish and in the moment.” The Guardians have been trained equipped with a wide range of anti-terrorism equipment, including high mobility combat armour, armed flyers and hoverbus armoured transport systems.

Transhuman Driving Ban

Dateline 116Al, Q7. 3216.333

hover_car_by_maks_23The 116AL Council has listed transhumans among those who will no longer qualify for driving licences.
The government says it is tightening medical controls for drivers because, without an automated traffic system, 116AL has too many road accidents. In 3213 116AL made “promoting non-traditional lifestyles” illegal.
The Professional Drivers Union supported the move. “We have too many deaths on the road, and I believe toughening medical requirements for applicants is fully justified,” said the union’s head Alexandra Krapov. However, he said the requirements should not be so strict for non-professional drivers.

ballot box 4_03Colonial Referenda and Memberships

– from our colonial corespondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: –

  • Z160 Q1
  • Septimus Q2,

Referenda have been held on the following worlds:

W15 Q7 T138  to New Republic

La La Q8  T138   to Union of Xyon

R43 Q4  T138   to Sirius Socialist Republic

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