News for 3222 Turn 160

This new opinion poll indicates that the Earth Empire is widely disliked and distrusted by ordinary Venerians, approval rating at an all-time low of 12% across the whole Republic, and down to just 2% on Agni, scene of the Imperial Navy’s destruction of the shipyard there.

Mulinational Inspectors report that the Zubatian prisoners are in reasonable health under the cicumstances, but are believed to be in very low spirits and ‘depressed’.  The Zubatians who communicated with the inspectors expressed confusion as to the reason for their imprisonment and repeatedly asked to be released.

Latest research findings by the IFF suggest that birth rates declined rapidly in the final centuries of the Forerunner civilisation, and that the species simply died out.  Some suggest this was a deliberate, conscious choice by the forerunners, though quite why remains as yet unknown.

Remarkable as it might seem, scientists from the Imperial Survey have confirmed that this star, designated KS31415, is on a course entiely inconsistent with the motion of other galactic obects in its immediate region.  A collision with another star of sufficient magnitude to alter its orbit around the galactic core to such a degree is regarded as a virtual impossibility.

Following the destruction caused by the use of atomic weapons in the long-standing war on W3, both sides have agreed on an armistice, pending a full peace conference.

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