News of 3199 Turn Minus 6


Quadrant 7, Grid 637086, Stardate 3198.240

A Exterminator Viking unit was detected entering L’Fayet and burning for the colonial main planet L’Fayet III. The L’Fayet starguard mobilised, and the L’Fayet Station protection Squadron went on combat alert. The system’s HSTS was not destroyed (contrary to known Exterminator SOP to date) so the JACHQ (at Potomax for the Summit) was informed with a few days, and kept informed throught the operation. The battle between the viking unit with 4 shadows and the defenders culminated in the viking colliding with the system station and a large number of armed combat robots stormed the station, cutting their way through to the station control centre. The defending marine regiment fought gallantly, and inflicted heavy losses, but was unable to prevent the attack destroying the station control centre. Then the attackers withdrew, undocked and burnt out of the system. Meanwhile the relief fleet from Potomax arrived in time to see the viking exiting the system.

Battle of Winky

Quadrant 6. Grid 636972. StarDate 3198.227

The Martian fleet received information of a Exterminator attack on Cordelia (601926), and rapidly moved its fleet from Adobe, to Dhu ‘L-Qada, and coordinated with alliance forces (Earther TG6) moving up to Froglish (605944). A recce of Cordelia indicated that the Exterminator had left, and there was some tripdation as to its next position until it was located at the non-aligned system of Winky (592950). The combined fleets consisted of 5 Battleships, 3 Heavy cruisers and 4 Carriers, plus supporting vessels. Based on experience in previous battles, the forces attacked aggressively and fairly quickly overhwelmed the single ESB.


Q7 3198.241

After a prolonged period of warfare against the enemy – the Earther colonial government under acting Governor Fullbright has announced a state of full emergency within all Earther colonial worlds. Commentators have, albeit gently asked why this drastic step has only been taken now, when by all accounts the threat is under control, and there have been no enemy attacks for months. The state of emergency is scheduled to last for 100 days. Acting Governor Fullbright is expect to make a broadcast to be shown in all colonies in the next few weeks (as soon as it can be transmitted).

Lives Lost in Reactor Leak Incident

Dateline Roopy Q7, 3198.205

Despite efforts by a number of Imperial fleet elements, and their allies, it proved impossible to rescue the scientists and technicians from an Earther asteroid research station in the Roopy System. Apparently, the base, known as ‘Serenity Station’ was home to about 50 planetary scientists conducting an investigation into interstitial regolith formations in quadrenary asetroids. Unfortunately the base suffered an unexpected reactor leak and all perished in the resulting explosion arising from a containment field failure of the primary reaction coils of the base’s power plant. the effect of the leak was not unlike that of a small nuclear weapon going off.

Greatest Summit in the History of Quadrant 7

Q7 3198.230

Leaders and their representatives from all the major powers of Q7 are meeting to discuss major issues for defending the quadrant against the Exterminator! menace. Feelings on all worlds are running high, as some colonies commence wholesale evacuation, while others dig deeper and deeper in an attempt to defend themselves. Burwasher, hero of the hour, will be at the conference and is believed to hold the key to the successful completion of the war. Hundreds of thousands of people are gathering at the spaceport on Rhode City (Potomax) to welcome the arrival of the great war hero.

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