News of 3202 Turn 28

Asteel Summit Hailed as a Great Success

Dateline 3202.390 Asteel Q0.

The official communique of the Asteel Summit indicated an unprecedented degree of cooperation and agreement. Although the full text has yet to ratified, it appears that delegates were able to agree a ‘substantial amendment’ to the provisions of the Treaty fo Old London. It has long been rumoured, in government circles, that there was some dissatisfaction among treaty signatories over the terms of the treaty – so observers hope that the revised TOOL II will further improve interstellar relations.

The conference, chaired by the veteran freelance facilitator, Parker-Knoll of Hilton Disney, lasted a day longer than was programmed “due to the subtle and complex nature of the discussions”. Certainly, such was the coolness of the delegates that extra heating had to be supplied to the meeting room.   A spokesperson for the Centauri Conglomerate said “I was particularly impressed by the warm, fluffy and altogether moist welcome from President Alphonse Potato”.

Outer Worlds Alliance Enlarged

Dateline Quadrant 2, Stardate 3202.296

The colony world of Tessla is the latest to join Prospero, Morc, Bog, Mitt and Dinks in their defensive alliance. These worlds’ trade has been severly hit in recent years from pirate raids. The Alliance has set up regular armed patrols and has had at least once success against pirates. It recently took delivery of its first brand new Armed Merchant Interstellar class ship – specifically designed to hunt pirates.

Earth Empire Set to Grow Further

Dateline 3202.354

The entire Earth Senate was rapt while First Minister addressed the Senate during his annual fiscal statement. At the end of four hours of tri-v presentation, Lee Zhang finished by saying, “Senators, to summarise, the economy that this administration inherited in 3199 had a gross support value of 2305 SVs. Through the New Economic Plan, and other fiscal measures this is expected to have grown to over 3000 SV by 3205. The current government target is 3200 SV, a growth of over 30% since we first came to office. Contrary to much scaremongering the NEP has provided a significant increase to the economy but without the runaway growth feared by some of our neighbours. In 3206 we intend to put the economy back into coasting mode.”
The questioning was intense, particularly from the increasingly vocal Lordag Faction, who questioned the First Minister on why the opinions of other polities should determine Earth economic policies – and why he felt Earth should be ‘sold short’ by returning to ‘coasting mode’. First Minister Zhang dealth with the questions with his trademark coolness, pointing to the sacrifices made by citizens of the homeworlds in order to complete the plan, and to the well established risks of uncontrolled economic growth.

Humanity to Boldly Go

Dateline Sol 3202.350

The culmination of a year of planning and preparation will be coming to an end soon. The multinational exploration group mounting Operation Boldly Go will be leaving Sol in the next few days. Arrangements for a spectacular send-off are in full flow. Excitement is running high – there have been the highest viewing figures for a decade of the related fly-on-the-wall edu-soap show ‘I’m an Explorer – Get Me Out of Here’ – following the tensions, trials and tribulations of some of the crew members in the run up to this historic trip. The mission is expected to last around five years, and is going to investigate the anomalous signals identified as a result of the Odyssey mission.

Rebellion in Quadrant 3?

Dateline Q3, 3202.250

Reports are coming in or rumours of some sort of quadrant-wide rebellion in Quadrant 3. Reports are confused, some saying that whole worlds have gone rogue, and of warships mutinying. Other reports indicate that there is nothing wrong at all. Local governors continue to meet in session at Chakan – apparently discussing the situation – but no public statements are forthcoming. Meanwhile there are report, unconfirmed, that elements of the Combined Human Fleets have been dispatched to Q3 on an unspecified ‘training mission’. Public unrest is becoming noticeable on many worlds.

Mysterious Murders Shock Dinkers.

Dateline 3202.284, Dink, Quadrant 8

An horrific mass murder has shocked the entire planet, and caused major deployment of local police, SWAT and military in a planet-wide manhunt. The system station has been on high level security for several days. The murder of an twelve off-duty marines is an unprecedented crime on Dink (its pretty rare anywhere). The marines, from the Station defence regiment, were on leave planetside, and had gone trekking in one of the more remote jungles of the planet. |Jungle exploration is a popular pastime for military personnel. The authorities were alerted when their personal communicators went off-line. After a five day search the rescue teams found their bodies, which had been horribly mutilated. There were signs of a fire-fight and the marines had clearly attempted to defend themselves by setting improvised booby traps and the like, but no evidence the marine’s assailants could be found.

Local military and police commanders are baffled as Dink is a peaceful world, without even DAFT activity, or particularly high crime levels. The local authorities are offering a 1 million credit reward for information leading to the capture of the perpetrators of this awful motiveless atrocity. The chief of police said – “We don’t know who or what could have been capable of taking out a group of armed and experienced starship marines like this – if it was a military force, then they are not only terrifyingly capable, but also evil – I saw what was left of those poor people – and it wasn’t pretty – we had to identify some of them by DNA records – it was like they’d been ripped apart. No animal we know of could have done this.”

‘Battle’ of Crabston

Dateline 3202.311, Crabston Q3

There has been an huge and unexpected battle on the orbital station of the independent world of Crabston in Q3.

Witnesses reported huge explosions, and there were a series of major decompression alerts. Reports are that the station security regiment, combat robots and other armed militia were engaged in a battle with Wolf Commonwealth and Martian special forces. A battle which the locals quickly lost.   After the battle, which caused considerable and widespread damage to the station, the Martians announced that the station has been the site of an illegal SAID, and claimed that even though the Government ofCrabston was not signatory to the Stickney Treaty, it’s provisions nevertheless applied “in the interests of protecting humanity”. This invading force has made no public statement but they allegedly located and destroyed a Moritarti class AI that leaked sources have said was codenamed ‘The Vision’.   In the confusion of the battle, many civilians reported some unusual sights, such as an undentified civilian, apparently assisting the Martian special forces by ripping a hole in a bulkhead unaided. This was later officially dismissed by the occupying forces as a ‘fantasy’ – the result of “hysterical panic” – on the part of the civilians making the report.

Crabston Station remains under Martian military occupation, and seems set to remain so for the time being, despite protestations from the Crabston colony to the Martian colonial government.

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