News for 3203 Turn 33

Turn 33: 3203.200 – 3203.249

Not So Ritchie Economy

Dateline 3203.187 Ritchie, Q4
Economic pundits are reporting that there is a major economic slump pending on Ritchie, Q4. All indicators show that things have not gone well over the last year, and poor results are expected next year. Many are blaming the local government’s mismanagement of the economy, though they themselves are blaming external factors and a lack of inward investment from the corporations.

Zoroastrians Fan Flames of Religious Conflict.

Dateline Trucker Q5, 3203.179
Anger flared on the streets of the city of Lost Hope, Trucker Q5 as huge mobs of supporters of rival religious groupings took to the streets. New Davidians have been claiming that they have been unfairly treated, and subjected to violence and desecration of their holy places by Zoroastrian fundamentalists. Additional police have been drafted into the city to control the situation, but this has not prevented violent clashes. Shops owned by Davidian citizens have been looted and burnt out. The official government spokesperson said “Well, the Davidians are new to this world, and sometimes there are misunderstandings. Pretty soon things will calm down and return to normal”
However the reverend Warhole McNubian of the New Davidian Centre said “Don’t listen to Them. These attacks are just an attempt to silence us. These Zoroastrians are part of the Great Conspiracy and have been in ot from the start – and we are not going to be subdued by a bunch of mutant quislings.”.
At a mass rally on the other side of the city, top Zoroastrian Magus, Arthur Abraxus said “The Davidian cultists have come in here and taken our jobs, and are polluting our children with their mad, paranoid ideas. They should be banned. Or worse.”
Despite the reassuring words from the Governor, the colonial government is rumoured to be considering asking for off-world help to deal with what is fast becoming a growing crisis.

Planetquake Throws Horseshoe

Lill Q6, 3203.161
A state of emergency was declared throughout the Horseshoe Continent, Lill as the continent was hit by a massive planetquake. This was the largest such quake to hit the colony since its founding 61 years ago. Initial estimates indicate that over 20,000 casualties were caused and a number of small towns have been completely destroyed. On-world services are working flat out to attempt to rescue possible survivors, and to re-establish the infrastructure, but activity has been hampered by severe weather.
A spokesperson for the government said “The situation here is pretty bad. It has completely thrown all our developmental plans for the region, and quite apart from the cost of the clear-up operation, it will take several years to replace the lost infrastructure.
Planetologists say this was completely unexpected, and while regrettable has contributed a great deal towards our understanding of the plate tectonics of Lill.

Mighty Wind Kills Thousands

Tigris Q4, 3203.159
The southern hemisphere of Tigris has been hit by unusually extreme weather conditions. The main effect was super fast winds. The colony was caught very largely unprepared for this sudden climatic change, and 2,000 people are thought to have died as a result of collapsing buildings and overturned vehicles, falling trees etc. One poor couple were killed when their pickup was crushed by a 7 tonne megadon that had been swept off the savannah onto the road. The megadon survived.
Planetary climateologists theorise that the freak conditions were brought about by changes in the level of solar flux, combined by volcanic activity at the poles – but humanity has only been on this world for less than 90 years and the full range of possible climate changes may as yet not been experienced in that time.

Illegal Drugs Not An Issue for Sirians

Clewg Q8, 3203.158
The local Sirian Q8 colonial government has been deeply embarrassed by revelations that a senior member of the administration Senator Hermione Sheba was involved in using illegal recreational drugs. A spokesperson for the government said “…Ms Sheba’s ‘crime’ was relatively minor and she admitted her guilt and paid the fine. Her debt to society has been fulfilled and she tells us that she has learnt her lesson. That should be enough for anyone, and this is not an issue for us.”
Local media and opposition groups are calling the not only the resignation of Ms Sheba but a vote of confidence in the entire colonial government.

Tax Riots hit Independent World

291AL, 3203.155
Rioting has broken out in four cities across the southern continent of 291AL in Q5 as a result of widespread resentment against what is seen locally as unreasonable levels of taxation. On one night, it was estimated that over 7,000 people were on the streets fighting the police, looting and committing other illegal acts such as arson and grafitti.
The chief of police said “These hooligan and counterrevolutionary elements are stirred up by Martian agitators seeking to undermine our society. We will not stand for it and troublemakers will be dealt with harshly.
The First Councillor of the 291AL Diet said “It is very worrying, and we have contingency plans to ensure that the police are suitable backed up – even by using militia if we have to.”
The local media say that the taxation is deeply unpopular and unless concessions are made, the protests will spread – they are demanding lower taxes.

Forerunner ‘City’ Discovered.

Dateline Power House Q7, 3203.179
Extensive ruins of pre-human nature, thought to built by the Forerunners has been uncovered in the deep equatorial rain forests of Grace Island on Power House II, Q7.
Local archaeologist and tour guide Montana Smith encountered the ruins while on a raptor hunting safari. He is delighted with the find, and is hoping to work closely with the IFF team that is on its way to Power House at this very moment.
A spokesperson for the Power House Ruling Committee said “This is wonderful news. Our Tourist Board always said Power House was special – now we have been proved right.”

Potato Chips. Dateline

Asteel Q0 3203.221
Official sources deep within the heart of the Asteel administration claim to have developed their first fully automated battleships. The tabloid press are labelling them as Robot Death Stars but concerned officials where keen to understate the level of machine AI and preferred to emphasis the aiding of its human crew in their arduous job at high gees. In a bizarre twist the new ship is launched alongside the presidents new personal launch, the Maris Piper, which is claimed to cost more than LSSI class ship and is as big. Rumours abound of lavish aprtments and hedonistic amusements aboard the Maris Piper “To rival that of the Earth Empire in its heyday” one observer commented.


Earth mobilises its Fleets

Stardate Sol 3203.219
To celebrate the 25th Aniversary of the First Citzen accession rise to his post (and not ‘throne, as someill-informed reports would have it) a massive fly by has been ordered. Over 45 capital ships are converging on Earth for this lavish display of the cult of personality. Opposition spokespersons were unavailable for comment.

Mars Insensitive About Claims of Police Brutality

Dateline New Mars Q0, 3203.239
Concerned officials played down the role of their security forces on Binni and claimed, yet again, that they where there at the invite of the local people. Yet the trial of Ancongo the former leader went ahead and resulted in a guilty verdict and t mind wipe. A spokesperson from the civil rights group ‘Campaign for A Truly Free Mars’ claimed ‘this all happened far too quickly – I mean his mind was wiped within 45 mins of the guilty decision. Its typical of the current New Mars regime that thinks Alien artefacts are more important than peoples lives – they are just a bunch of crypto-imperialists who opresss the ….(continued page 94).’
At the same time, Martian military Headquarters has reported that the withdrawal of the Ground Force Division from Binni is now complete – though they were typically tight-lipped about where this elite division is being redeployed to.

Mars ups its military expenditure – again.

Stardate 3203.249 New Mars Q0
Shortly after the announcements for the projected financial figures for 3204, the Martian authorities launched 2 Battleships (Braveheart and Invincible), 1 Carrier (Gladiator) and 3 scout ships(Goll, Gondul and Gunn) all named in honour of previously destroyed ships. It also announced the laying down of 4 new space Carriers. A spokesperson said “The Exterminator Menace is still out there – we need to be ready when it returns”. In addition Naval HQ announced the mothballing of one logistics ship and two troop transports.

New Venus Launches More Warships.

Dateline New Venus 3203.154
According to a press briefing given by Admiral Von Daniken, the VN has launched two new interstellar cruisers (VSS Manto and VSS Furki). These are to join the 14th Fleet based at New Venus. She also announced that all Venerian forces, previously supporting humanitarian efforts on Binni, have now been fully withdrawn from that world. The Venerian 12th Fleet is also to be dispatched to the Cowboy system in Quadrant 2 to support the continuing military operations against this independent world.

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