News for 3199 Turn Minus 2

Task Force Settles ‘Misunderstanding’

An official press briefing by the Earth Government has explained that a Task Force of the Imperial Fleet visited the independent system of Draconis, following an earlier minor incident involving an Earther Destroyer that was visiting the system and had been reported missing. After ‘Frank and Fair’ negotiations it turned out that the Draconian Government were able to help the Task Force with its enquiries, and the Destroyer is now, reportedly, with the fleet once more. The negotiations were not without some turmoil, however, and during the time of the visit the planet broke out into civil war and the reigning ‘Emperor’ was deposed. Some sources are alleging that this was as a result of Earther interference, though at this time it is difficult to get any sense out of the Draconians due to the ongoing civil war.

Top Venerian War Hero Arrested by VISC

The famous Hero of Quadrant 5, and holder of numerous medals and awards, has been arrested by the feared Venerian Interstellar Special Constabulary. An official communique indicates that the Admiral was arrested for ‘tax irregularities’ – though independent observers have speculated that this was, in fact, a move by the Venerian Government to remove a popular and successful admiral before he could capitalise on that success and gain political power in the quadrant.

The Admiral has been replaced by Admiral Lugaburruga – famous for a particularly vicious audit of junior ranks subsistence allowances in 3197 and presiding over the notorious Loopy Court Martial in 3193 in which the entire crew of a Fleet Auxiliary vessel received death sentences.

Another Exterminator Base Rumoured

News is leaking out that the Martians have located a hidden Exterminator Base deep in Quadrant 6 – though no-one is saying anything about exactly where. A combined fleet of Martians, Esteelers and Earthers is apparently forming for some mighty blow to wipe it out – codenamed Operation Bailiff.

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