News for 3203 Turn 36

Don’t Bet Your Shirt on it

Margasira Q5

In a surprise reversal of the pundits claims the referendum on Margasira (Q5) voted to go with Earth. Earth! can you believe it I would have loved to have been there when they counted those votes. The Interstellar Election Commission has some questions about lost ballets and illegal payments but refuses to go as far as declaring the election itself illegal.

Klingon Corruption Revealed

Kling Q5

There have been a large number of arrests in a major anti-corruption exercise by the local police on Kling (Q5). Three senior government officials have been arrested, along with fifteen accomplices. Major seizures of records and documents have taken place, as well as a number of private bank accounts frozen.
The accusations of corruption relate to payroll irregularities.

This Means War

Norma Q3

Major fighting has broken out between the Hopeful Arrival Colony and the Regeneration Creek Colony on Norma, Q3. In recent octants, tension has built up over rivalries arising from deep ideological differences between the two colonial groupings. The arms build up has meant the importation of large quantities of weapons onto this planet and the outcome is unlikely to be resolved quickly. Most of the locals are armed with light assault weapons, though there are rumours of arms shipments including tanks and aircraft – which can only make the situation worse.

Flames of Conflict

Franklin’s World Q7

Anger flared on the streets of Major City, on Franklin’s World, Q7, as huge mobs of supporters of rival religious groupings took to the streets. Followers of The Temple of the later day Mukuls have been claiming that they have been unfairly treated, and subjected to violence and desecration of their holy places by adherents of The Searchers after the Shining Way of Sirius. Additional police have been drafted into the city to control the situation, but this has not prevented extremely violent clashes. Shops owned by SATSWOS citizens have been looted and burnt out. The government said “We can’t understand it. We thought the Mukulists and the Shiners were getting along fine, and then this happens!”
The Most Revered Guy Gardener said “Damn it, those Sirian damn ai-lovers had betta look out, cos were gonna SMASH them!”.
At a mass rally, Extremely Reverend Hal Jordan said “Look people, we’ve tried to show these misguided Mukulists The Light. We will remember our brightest days – even though we are now facing our blackest night. Be assured, no evil will escape our sight. That Guy Gardener is a wimp.”.
Despite their attempts at reassuring words, the colonial government is rumoured to be considering asking for off-world help to deal with the growing crisis.



A state of emergency was declared throughout east continent, Jiggeroo, Q8, as the continent was hit by a massive planetquake. Initial estimates indicate that over 30,000 casualties were caused and a number of small towns have been completely destroyed. On-world services are working flat out to attempt to rescue possible survivors, and to re-establish the infrastructure, but activity has been hampered by severe weather.
A spokesperson for the government said “Its pretty bad here, and we really need outside help”


Short Q6

The northern hemisphere of Short, Q6, has been hit by unusually extreme weather conditions. The main effect was very high temperatures. The colony was caught very largely unprepared for this sudden climatic change, and 6,000] people are thought to have died as a result of heatstroke and forest fires. Planetary climateologists theorise that the freak conditions were brought about by changes in the polar climate over recent years.

Pymm Trial Brought Forward

Sol Q0

Alleged Sentient AI-Builder and Mass Murderer, Henry Pymm is to be sent for trial to Asteel next Octant.

Pymm Рdeeply implicated in the awful Vision/Ultron affair, is not to be given a jury trial Рaccording to a statement from Earth legal advisors. Earth will be providing close protection on the trial site (a area legally designated part of Earth for the trial, on an isolated island) and the local GFA Ground Forces will be securing the perimeter of the trial site.  Pymm is to be transferred on the IEN Battleship ASIA under the direct supervision of the Earther War Hero, Admiral Philips. The trial will be overseen by three senior judges under the provisions of the Stickney Treaty.



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