News of 3205 Turn 47

Wolfcastle fights to stay Supreme Councillor Marti Q5

Stardate 3205.091

Marti – Q5. Colourful MAFC Q5 Supreme Councillor Rainier Wolfcastle was fighting for his political life this week as satirical newscaster Private Spy revealed irregularities in his Martian citizenship. Wolfcastle, who is an immigrant from the Venerian Republic, was entitled to claim citizenship via his marriage to Maria Quimby, daugher of the former mayor of New Jack
City on Marti. However, it appears that the papers supporting his application were improperly filed, meaning that legally he is not currently a Martian citizen and therefore ineligible for public office.
Wolfcastle has angrily denounced the reports as a “polidigal plod cooked up by doze who hade me.” His lawyers, meanwhile, are frantically scrambling to arrange valid citizenship for him. It appears however that the local Association Court may rule Wolfcastle’s election invalid, and a new one may have to be held. Wolfcastle’s political ally Senator Banderas has so far refrained from commenting on the affair. “My entire political career has been based around the idea that central government should stay out of the way of the Quadrants, and I’m not gonna change that now,” she told reporters.

Mass protests on Agama, Masada, New Edo

Stardate 3205.117

An estimated one hundred and fifty thousand have taken to the streets of Agama to demand that the UoX observe
Jewish laws on diet, working on the Sabbath and teaching of Talmudic law in schools. The protests are part of a growing movement which has spread across some of the older Xyonist homeworlds following riots a few weeks ago on New Jerusalem in which several died.
The protest has brought together a broad coalition across the right of Xyonist politics. Foremost among these has been Yonatan Shemtov, leader of the opposition True Zion Party, but while True Zion seeks to create a ‘Zionist democratic state’ by extending the Jewish characer of the UoX, it has been joined by other, more fringe groupings such as the Exiles
Movement, who seek to reclaim for the UoX land on Earth such as the area around the former city of Old Jerusalem, and the Medinat Halacha, who wish to recreate the UoX as a Jewish theocracy.
The protests passed off largely peacefully on Agama, although on Masada riot police fired teargas and rubber bullets after being pelted with stones and molotov cocktails. The protests have also spread to New Edo in the GFA, which has a large Xyonist minority.

Rail disaster on Canaan Q0

Stardate 3205.087

Reports are emerging that there was a major accident a few weeks ago on the rapid transit system in Salvation, one of the largest cities of Canaan, Q0. An inter-city monorail carrying people travelling home from the New Year festivities left the track travelling at several hundred kph and slammed into the support pillar of a road bridge, destroying both bridge and train. Casualty figures are officially put at 21 dead and 68 injured, although there are rumours that the figure may actually be far higher.
Venerian authorities have been very tight-lipped about the incident, which is the first fatal accident on the Canaan inter-city RapidTrans system for more than 20 years. It is said that a number of rail workers have been detained for questioning.

Corruption angers Davidians

Stardate 3205.068

Just when simmering discontent on Trucker (Q5) had been calming down following last year’s pogroms against New Davidians by the majority Zoroastrian population, a political scandal threatens to relight the flames. The news that the mayor of major city Lost Hope, herself a Zoroastrian, has been allowing co-religionists to buy state assets at knock-down
rates has been badly received by New Davidian spiritual leader Warhole McNubain.
“The mayor has tipped her hand,” he said at a recent New Davidian rally, “and indicated in the clearest possible way that she is a key part of the lizardman conspiracy on Trucker. There is only one course of action now remaining to us! We must fight!”
Planetary authorities have appealed to the GFA Q5 Quadrant Governor, Wendel Quivver, to assist them in restoring order.


Sirian Fever hits Gunslinger

Stardate 3205.058

The major continent of the world of Gunslinger in Q8, a recent entrant into the Centauri Conglomerate, is under quarantine following an outbreak of Sirian Fever. The disease, first documented on Sirius 200 years ago, is a mutated strain of pneumonic plague and both lethal and highly infectious. Gunslinger has appealed for supplies of antibiotics to help control
the infection.

Critics of Sirian Government Arrested

Dateline Amoss Q6 3205.095

The Sirian CoPs arrested 721 people following a major demonstration against the economic and social policies of the Colonial Government. The rally – deemed ‘unauthorised and therefore illegal’ by the Sirian authorities, was organised by the growing Sirian Revolutionary Party – a group that has become popular among the human population here, and is concerned that robot’s ‘rights’ have gone too far at the expense of organic humanity. This new ‘organics’ rights’ movement has been blamed for sabotage of robot factories and random attacks on domestic robots in the street. The SRP has, of course, denied any responsibility for inciting these criminal acts – but it’s political manifesto, entitled “The Ghost in he Machine’ – speaks of an interstellar AI-inspired plot to controll all humankind and encourages ‘direct action to free humanity form the iron heel of the opressive machine’. It comes as no surprise to thsi correspondent that the ledawr of the party, one Wolfgang von Strucker is also a member of the Church of the Latter Day Mukuls. Of more concern locally is the degree to which Revolutionary Party members are gradually gaining positions of responsibility in local and regional elections on Amoss. A spokesperson for the Colonal Governing Committee said “Well, so long as they remain within the law they can hold their view, but the rally organisers had failed to complete the requisite number of copies of Form RA1934/A87 (Provisional) – and the form they did submit exceeded the permitted word-count in answer to Question 45A(1) and had a coffee-cup stain in Section 14. Clearly this was an illegal rally. I’m sorry, but I’ve got an urgent meeting to attend…..”

Get off my land! Q5

Stardate 3205.082

Settlers on the independent colony of Bing (Q5) have discovered that they may have to leave the planet due to a legal mix-up by colony founding company Beltco. A clause in the original colony lease specified that annual rent must be paid to the planet’s owner, Wolfer nobleman Lord Ffoulkes, Baron Savory. However, it appears that the rent has never been paid, and Lord Ffoulkes is now threatening to evict the colonists for breach of their lease conditions. The colonists meanwhile are suing Beltco for making the mistake, and Beltco is suing independent legal advisors ‘Laws R Us’.
This one will run and run, as they say.


SRP Arrests Political Opponents Douglas Q6

Stardate 3205.055

Following what the official media on Douglas are reporting as a ‘major treasonous conspiracy against the legitimate government’, there have been widespread dawn arrests of major political figures from parties opposed to the right-wing Social Responsibility Party on Douglas. Around 4,500 arrests have been made so far. Over the past year or so a series of new laws have been passed, requiring Clewgists to have identifying chips embedded in their necks, and restricting the press. All local military personnel of the Douglas Militia have been required to swear an oath of loyalty to the President, Heinrich Zemo. Also, political officers have been appointed to police and militia units to ‘root out subversion and disloyalty to Doulgas’. Certainly since the SRG came to power they have expanded the local militia to the point that they significantly outnumber the MAFC GF presence on the planet. The arrests have been hailed as a major blow against all those (as yet unamed) ‘… Foreign Powers who would see Douglas crushed and enslaved…’. Local legislation is apparently being considered to further restrict the civil rights of the Clewgist minority on the planet – but there have been few protests locally. INN reporters were unable to find anyone willing to speak out in opposition to the SRG regime – in fact reporters were repeated surrounded by enthusiastic mobs of people praising Zemo and his government.


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