News of 3207 Turn 67

INN Special War Report

Dateline Sirius 3207.312

In recent days the SSR has activated all reserves, recalled all crews to ships and is bringing mothball ships back into service. Certain economic measures are being taken to build up of stocks of vital materials for public defence and plans for rationing of scarce goods are being brought into effect for the first time for several centuries.
On SSR worlds in Quadrant 0 movements of foreign nationals are being restricted in secure areas such as near power plants, arms factories and military bases.
‘Imperialist diplomats and representatives’ meaning those from Earth are being ordered out the polity. Known Earther citizens are being stopped and searched and questioned by SSR security police before being ‘encouraged to leave’. This has caused an immediate storm of protest from interstellar corporations, many of whose executives are Earther citizens.
Reports are also coming in of SSR security police rounding up a number of ‘undesirable aliens’ who are believed to be spies or enemy agents.

In the national media here is an expression of the grim mood – as the Sirians seem to be preparing themselves for imminent attack from their powerful neighbour.

‘Potatomania’ Hits Earth

Dateline 3207.333 Sol Q0

The arrival of President Potato of the Greater Federation of Asteel in Earth orbit for talks with First Minister Lee Zhang was greeted with the expected pomp and ceremony – together with the gold-plated warships of the home fleet escorting the ASS Maris Piper into docking orbit. The President cut a colurful figure as he disembarked from the boarding shuttle to inspect the Imperial Starship Marine Guard of Honour, wearing the formal Hawaian shirt of a member of the Martian Diplomatic Corps and the Official No.1 Hat of an Admiral of the Venerian Navy (a gift from the recent visit to New Venus, it is understood).
But the great and the good were not the only ones pleased to see the colourful Esteeler president. Crowds of fans of Alphonse X Potato gathered planetside to watch the arrival of ‘Our Alphie’ on many giant tri-v screens. On Orbital One, the main Government orbital, crowds of civil servants gathered in the main station assembly hall to give the popular President a standing ovation. Potato – always at home with adoring crowds, was in ebullient mood and gave out signed recordings of some of his classic films.
In a short speech, the man of the hour thanked the crowd and made tribute to the First Minister – and made a number of guarded references to a new, forthcoming, rapprochment with the Venerian Republic.
Political observers are suggesting that Potato’s shuttle diplomacy might at last be bringing the Venerians in from the cold after over 100 years of bad odour on Earth. Of course, there are significant elements of the Imperial body politic that has cause to distrust the Venerian Republic – some of whom still remember the Venerian Rebellion of a century ago.


“Just Good Friends”

Dateline 3207.256 Shill, Q2

Soap star Tracy Gilber has been spotted having a romantic dinner with Boyfriend, Mark Farmfield’s best friend of 12 years.
Since the birth of their daughter last year, rumours have started that Farmfield doubts the paternity of their daughter.
Daniel keith, “the best friend”, has said to the press today “I have had no romantic relations with Tracy Gilber and I am 100% sure that the father of their child is certainly Mark Farmfield” He was then asked to explain the sighting of himself and miss Gilber which he simply replied to with “No comment”.
Tracy Gilber has just ended her three year contract with soap opera “A Place Like This” and is now hoping to pursue a career in the music industry. She is currently recording her debut album at the age of 23, with help of producer boyfriend Mark Farmfield. The two working so closely together has allegedly caused a few arguments between the couple.

Many dead in RTS Disaster

Dateline 3207.275 Claymore Q3

Over 120 people died and 300 were badly injured when the ‘Cannonball’ rapid transit system express crashed on a routine transcontinental trip. Initial crash investigations are citing materials fatigue in the monorail track, causing a catastrophic failure on a steep bend as the track curved round into Bonecollar Canyon (a famously scenic part of the route.). The track failure caused the train to hurtle at some 300 kph into the canyon floor, distributing debris over a 10 km area.
A spokesperson for the Claymore Planetary Rescue Service said “It was shocking – there were bodies everywhere. We were lucky that we had a team out on exercise in the region, or the death toll would have been much higher”. Police and health and safety officials are conducting a close investigation of the track maintenance company’s records and criminal charges cannot, at this stage, be ruled out.


Thousands Dead in Thermonuclear Disaster

Dateline 3207.251 Ragesh Q4

A major fusion containment failure in the main Kilomog Reactor in the city of Jazz on Ragesh resulted in widespread devastation of the souther suburbs. This was particulalry bad because the reactor was sited near a major residential area, and the leak occured in the early hours of the morning, when most people were in their homes. A 5km blast zone completely destroyed over 1500 homes and the initial death toll is estimated at over 3000. Commentaros are saying this is the worst reactor incident in the history of Quadrant 4. Many governments accross the quadrant are reviewing safety arrangments at city reactors – particulalry around siting reactors near areas of habitation. A spokesperson for the Centauri Fusion Energy Society – a professional body for the fusion power industry – said “This is a very rare occurance and everybody knows that fusion power is the safest source of energy in the Universe. We should not take one total catatrophe as the basis for knee-jerk reaction regarding reactors sites.”.


Police Hurt in Massive Bank Raid

Dateline 3207.295 Crabston Q3

Cops have set up a massive cordon around the major city of Shawaddywaddy on Crabston, following a daring and dramatic daylight robbery of the Union Commerce Bank.
A gang of six or seven individuals marched into the bank and subdued the guards, broke open the vault and made off with millions of credits in cashchips, jewelery and negotiable bonds. Police who responded to the raid were unable to stop the criminals and in the fighting outside the bank, six police vehicles were destroyed and seventeen COPs hospitalised.
A spokesperson for the police said “These criminals are exceptionally dangerous. We urge citizens to report any sightings and to stay well away from the gang.”. Union military forces have been drafted in to help track down the criminals – and reports are coming in of roadblocks involving planetary guard troops. It is thought that the criminals may have used a psychotropic gas because many civilians reported bizarre hallucinations – one dazed bystander, a Miss Parker (87) said: “It was unbelievable – I’m sure I saw one of the criminals pick up and throw a police car!”. The cabinet of the planetary government met in emergency session to discuss the crisis and all police and military leave has been cancelled.


Freak Heatwave Brings Continent to Standstill

Dateline 3207.266 Zen Q4

As the sun blazed across the northern continent of Zen III schools closed and workers dressed down while the elderly and young children were urged to drink plenty of water. In some areas the temperature peaked at over 45 degrees – making this the hottest summer since the colony was founded.
As temperatures soared , the heat brought people to the beaches and into the shade, melted roads and provoked health and safety warnings. On the roads, emergency measures were brought in to protect surfaces with gritters spreading gravel after the asphalt began to melt. Ambulance service bosses urged drivers in jams to stay with their cars after crews had difficulties getting through to an accident.
Heat caused rapid transit tracks to buckle and many services cancelled. Speed restrictions were in force on most RTS lines. Water tankers have been drafted in to top up reservoir supplies. Planetary climatologists are surprised by the dramatic change in climate – but are confident that this is not a trend, merely a rare seasonal peak.


Port Destroyed in Terror Attack

Dateline 3207.273 T58 Q3

Reports are coming in of a massive terrorist bomb in the main planetary shuttle port in the new colony of T58. The struggling colony has been beset by controversy, as it has been founded by an extreme religious group that believes in the development of a genetic master race in God’s image. They also devout creationists and believe that they are a ‘chosen people’. This has put them in sometimes violent conflict with groups like DAFT and it is believed that this bombing was the action of DAFT terrorists. The destruction of the shuttle port is likely to set the development of the colony back many years. The colony’s ruling Council Of The Wise has issued a range of new security Edicts – especially a wide-ranging ‘Homeworld Security Edict’, and many offworlders and ‘suspect persons’ have been rounded up and imprisoned ‘pending further investigation’ as part of these new orders.

Hundreds Killed in Containment Leak Incident

Dateline 3207.299 Bon Bon Po Q2

Number 707 Reactor, supplying power to the Cook’s Landing Industrial Zone suffered a critical containment leak and caused widespread destruction in the industrial and commercial zone, north of the major city of Trotterville. The catastrophic failure occurred shortly after midday, local time, when the zone was crowded with workers and service staff, and as a result over 600 fatalities have been reported, and nearly 2,000 seriously injured. A spokesperson for the power company said “We are devastated by this incident – and our hearts go out to all those families who have lost loved ones in this terrible incident”. The fusion plant in which Reactor 707 was sited has a previously exemplary safety record. A detailed forensic examination has started, but experts say it might take years to determine the exact cause of the failure. Meanwhile, Imperial planetary guard troops have been drafted in to help with the clean up operation in the devastated region.

Megaroos Damage Ecosystem

Dateline 3207.272 Vorlon Q5

Concern is being expressed by local environmentalists of the damage being done to the biological ecosphere on the western continent of Vorlon by imported livestock. The trouble seems to have started when Martian ranchers introduced the genetically re-engineered domesticated Giant Short-faced Kangaroo (Procoptodon goliah). These ‘Megaroos’ have proved to be a successful and popular source of meat and are widely farmed on many Martian worlds. Here on Vorlon, many of these creatures have escaped and the feral megaroo population has exploded as the environment has proved particularly conducive to them. It seems the megaroo is unpalatable to local raptors, most of whom are too small to successfully keep ‘roo numbers down. The feral ‘roos have been defoliating the forests and are likely to increase desertification of the previously lush Oceanic Continent. The local government of Vorlon is having to answer requests for a planet-wide cull. Megaroo ranchers are contesting this, and declare the environmentalists a ”’bunch of whining bleedin’ heart do-gooders”.


Featherweight Cripples Orbital

Dateline 3207.283 Kami Q1

The poor colony of Kami is reeling after a shocking orbital accident has put their system orbital out of action – probably for the next two or three octants. The incident seems to have occurred during a routine merchant ship movement, when, it is alleged, a merchant ship had a control system failure and collided with the orbital, causing considerable structural damage and killing 28 members of the station’s crew. The independent merchant ship – the SS Featherweight turns out to be under-insured and in breach of a number of local ship safety regulations – the Captain and officers have been detained and the damaged ship impounded – pending investigation. Lawyers speaking for the shipping company are suggesting that human error in space traffic control centre was to blame – saying that a space traffic control system transmitted an incorrect orbital vector to the unlucky merchant ship. Whatever the cause or who was to blame, there is no doubt that the colony has suffered a major setback.


Rok Divided

Dateline 3207.268 Rok Q7

The planetary government of Rok is struggling with a major political challenge from the political pressure group, the so-called ‘New Potato Society’. Even official opinion polls are suggesting that, locally, the Venerian-style local government is deeply unpopular – and there has been significant growth in pro-GFA feeling, and consequently, Alphie Potato fan clubs. the government as been considering banning the NPS as a subversive political party – and this has sparked a major rift in the ruling planetary politbureau – some of who are thought to be ‘wet’ on the issue. Official media sources are playing down the internal political rift, but expatriate sources suggest this might even be the first nascent stage of a secessionist movement.

Mad Clewgist Bombers Spread Terror

Dateline 3207.331 Njord Q0

Followers of the extreme Clewgist self-styled ‘prophet’ Stevie Shakewell are claiming responsibility for a series of bombing of Martian tax offices on Njord, causing 32 deaths and many seruious injuries. In a recorded statement, a spokesperson for Shakewell’s ‘New Temple of Clarity’ sect known only as ‘Sibling Brian’ said “We are all destined to ascend to perfection. The Martian authorities are servants of Chaos and Bad Thinking and it is our duty to fight against them by whatever means necessary.” Martian COPS are reported to be closing in on the headquaters of these religious fanatics, and expect arrests imminently.

‘Extremers’ To Be Banned?

3207.337 Vladimir Q0

The planetary republican government on Vladimir is considering new legislation to restrict the level of personal modification allowed to the general public. This follows a growing trend on the planet of ‘Extremers’ – young people undergoing very extreme genetic modification, in many cases to cause shock and revulsion in the general population. Many responsible citizens take the view that this youth subculture is dangerously antisocial and even subversive. The young people themselves say that it is variously about self expression, protest against the status quo, or even an art form. One member of the planetary council, Dimitri Salakhon said “This is a disgusting habit, and does nobody any good – I will be voting for stringent new laws to stamp out this sort of thing”.


Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: Deadlock Q1, Awakening Q1, Z16 Q7, Z164 Q8

Referenda have been held on the following worlds: Tessla AH and Nose Q1 have voted against joining any polity. Carter Q6 has voted to apply for membership of the GFA.
The following worlds have decided against holding a referenda on giving up their independence: Earharts Q3, Hot Boiler Q8

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