News of 3208 Turn 70

Colonists cause questions for GFA, MAFC

Dateline 3207.057 Vulkan Q0

With elections looming in both the Esteeler Senate and the Council of the Martian Union, both states are finding themselves embroiled in a dispute over the Vulkan system. In spite of repeated protests by the Interstellar War Graves Commission, colonists have been living on the Tesconian continent of Vulkan for several years, on the opposite side of the planet to
the area blasted by an Esteeler mass-driving attack 200 years ago during the Asteel War of Secession. The new colony has received official support from elements within the Martian Q0 government, and now is itself agitating for membership of the MAFC. However, the GFA point to the treaty ending the Asteel Secession, which designated Vulkan as an official War Grave and forbade any settlement there.

New Luxembourg denies ‘nuke factory’

Dateline 3208.016 Gurmat Q2

The Republic of New Luxembourg has denied that its secret Alderfield industrial facility is engaged in manufacturing nuclear weapons. New Luxembourg is involved in a long, drawn-out and increasingly vicious conflict with the rival colony of We Got Here, initially over mineral rights in the Ying Archipelago.
We Got Here has accused New Luxembourg of attempting to produce or procure nuclear weapons in an attempt to break the deadlock.

Lights go out as rent dispute turns sour.

Dateline 3208.014, Bing Q5

In an ongoing dispute over unpaid rent, Lord Ffoulkes, Baron Savory has despatched a force of mercenaries to
seize and hold the main colony power plant. 190,000 settlers on Bing have found themselves without electricity, with Ffoulkes, who owns the land on which the colony was built, threatening that it will not be turned back on until he receives several years of back rent which is owed to him. The “bailiffs” as he describes them, will if necessary seize assets to the
value of the rent owing.

Ultra Conservatives Challenge Governor

Dateline Ultra Q7 3208.044

The increasingly liberal ruling clique in the Q7 Politbureau is coming under pressure from an alliance of orthodox and conservative Sirius communists. The main policy issue exercising the factions is the implementation of ‘Clause 42’ – a complex part of the administrative code covering colonial governance. The clause, which is impenetrably obscure to non-Sirians, is regarded as an important indicator of policy direction – the liberals preferring the word ‘hitherto’ in subsection 72 of the clause, while the ultra-conservatives argue to retain ‘heretofore’.
Trivial though this wrangling might appear, Sirian-watchers are sure that this conflict could precipitate a constitutional crisis if the matter is unresolved. The quadrant colonial political life has only just settled following the dramatic removal of Governor Fex-it back in 3203. The current Governor, Abdul Al’saddo, is in a tenuous position his support could become rapidly eroded.

Hunger As Harvests Fail

Dateline Cone Q7 3208.031

Colonists on Cone are facing the worst year since the foundation of the colony. Unexpected climatic changes have caused virtually all the local farm crops to fail – precipitating a serious economic and humanitarian crisis. Income from minig activities have been sufficient to allow the import of some food stocks, but many of the outlying towns have been forced to rely on hunting to feed themselves.

Building Collapse kills 70.

Dateline Last Mile Q2 3208.011

A large office building collapsed in the centre of the main business district of Piccolo City on Mile, killing 70 people and injuring several hundred. Although some witnesses reported hearing an explosion, the emergency services have ruled this out – they cause being structural failure, they said. A spokesman for the owners of the building Lexcorps said “This is indeed tragic – and we have put in place trauma counselling and a support package for all those affected. We are in discussion with the architects and builders of the structure – but I cannot at this stage say more until our lawyers have had a chance to study the case.”. The builders of the offices, ‘Ron’s Colonial Constructors’ were unavailable for comment, and the CEO of the construction company is reported to be off-world on business.

Government Unpopular Over Welfare Cuts

Dateline Curia Q8 3208.018

The colonial Diet on Curia met in stormy session as the opposition Liberal Colonist party attempted to overthrow the governments major reofrm of the welfare support systems. First Minister Antonia Gregg said “Look…this is going to be better all round, we’re re-targetting funds to make them more effective and to encourage people to contribute fully to the life of the planet.”. The opposition claim that the changes amount to a 50% cut in support to the worst off members of society. Opposition members are trying to form a coalition with all opposition groups and rebels from Gregg’s own party to force a vote of no-confidence.


Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: P23 in Quadrant 5

Referenda have been held on the following worlds: Awakening Q1 has voted to apply to join the Union of Xyon.

The following worlds have voted against holding a referenda on giving up their independence: None

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