News of 3216 Turn 133

Reactor Leak Kills 256

Binni Q0

A major containment failure has devastated one of the main cities on Binni.


Wimpey Fergusson Executives on Trial

Stu Q4

The planetary government on Stu have arrested the senior representatives of Wimpey Fergusson (Wolf) on charges of corruption and malpractice.  Under Venerian law this could lead to long prison sentences.


DAFT Protests Over Unfair Health Care

Malisky (Q5)

Political activists, claiming to represent the interests of Naturals have organised large protests to complain that Perfects get preferential treatment in the Maliskian health service.


Rapid Transit Disaster Kill 128

Koan (Q1)

The Koan Transcontinental Express suffered its worst rapid transit disaster ever as a support on the Bright Valley Bridge failed plunging the express into a deep ravine.




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