News of 3211 Turn 99

FWA reacts angrily to Z155 crackdown


Ted Maul, INN

The annulment of the referendum on joining the Free Worlds Alliance on Z155 by the ruling Christian Socialist Party and subsequent crackdown on “Satanist” elements has been received very badly here on Lamster. We understand that there have been fiery debates behind closed doors in the Alliance Council, and that President Jackson is pushing for the “strongest possible response” to the denial of the will of the majority of citizens of Z155. Senior Navy figures even talk of possible military intervention – no novelty for the FWA – and the FWA military certainly seems to be preparing in earnest for a “readiness exercise”, scheduled at short notice.
First Minister Floralpattern of Z155 seems unimpressed by such sabre rattling, denouncing the Alliance as the “Whore of Babylon” and president Jackson as the “Anti-Christ”, seeking to place “the mark of the Beast” on all Christian citizens of the planet. The recent accession to the FWA of the Chekno system has given the Alliance 10 member worlds, which the Reverend claims are the ’10 horns’ of the Beast of Revelation.

Venerians Probe Separatist Link to GFA


Cody Fiddler, Senior Venerian Correspondent

I am hearing behind the scenes reports that the Venerian authorities in Quadrant 4 are probing links between the resurgent separatist Quadrant 4 Liberation Organisation and the GFA-based Universal Freedom Foundation, a pro-democracy body with ties to the GFA Conservative Party. It is quite traditional, of course, for the Venerian Republic to blame any outbreak of dissent on “outside influences”, although as the saying goes – just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you. The authorities here were able to produce fairly convincing evidence that the previous outbreak of separatism in Q4 had links to Earth Imperial Intelligence, for example.
A spokesman from the UFF told me: “Of course we have ties to pro-democracy movements all over the Universe, including the Q4LO. That’s what we do. We compare notes, discuss strategies – but to try and claim that a mass public movement like this across an entire Quadrant can be orchestrated by a small pressure group on Asteel is simply not credible. Once again the Venerians are looking for external forces to point a finger at, when they should be examining themselves.”
Venerian authorities declined the opportunity to comment publicly about the story.

‘Dino Flu’ Epidemic Spreads


Although the Wolfer authorities in Quadrant 7 have reacted swiftly to the recent outbreak of Dino-Flu on Proptrnss, the first cases in Q8 have been confirmed on the independent world of Jink, thought to have been brought by a ship leaving Proptrnss before the quarantine was imposed.

There is a worry now that the epidemic may become more generalised in the region, as the authorities on Jink are hard-pressed to impound and quarantine visiting vessels.

Final Countdown?


A containment leak at the CHPC power generation facility in Whiteley City is being blamed on sabotage, after an explosion killed 10 plant workers and released large quantities of radioactive gas. The site is being decontaminated, but the emergency has led to the evacuation of several outlying suburbs.

The Vordeman facility is an old design dating back to the early days of the colony, but the Countdown Heat and Power Company says that it has a good safety record.

DWB Reports Humanitarian Crisis Worsening


(Associated News – Percentage)
Interstellar relief charity Doctors Without Borders say that their efforts to distribute aid on Gunny, largely depopulated after drought led to abandonment of the colony in 3208-9, is becoming more problematic due to the formation of local bandit groups who have intercepted aid deliveries. The main grouping, led by the self-styled “Lord Ginormous”, has claimed major colony facilities and has been exacting a ‘tribute’. The abandonment of the colony followed a prolonged drought caused by an unforseen shifting of planetary weather patterns due to deep ocean currents.

Ten Years Ago – Remember When…?

Headlines from INN 3201.
– Ultron System Defeats Piracy in Q3
– Earth Forces Invade Free Republic of Binni
– ESS Odyssey reports discovery of Alien Signals – Operation Boldly Go announced
– Armed Merchant Legislation Passes


Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial corespondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: Korrmanshar Q7

Referenda have been held on the following worlds:

Result – voted to apply to join:

A14 Q0 T99 LONAW
Gumboot Q1 T98 UOX
Morpork Q2 T98 UOX
P18 Q5 T98 MAFC
Palicei Q6 T98 Earth Empire
The Flats Q7 T98 MAFC

The following worlds have voted against holding a referenda on giving up their independence: None.


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