News of 3215 Turn 131

Turn 131: 3215.300 – 3215.349

Deaths in Main City

Dateline 3215.280 Savage Land Q2
A major reactor containment failure cause over 1024 deaths in the Grande Falls suburb of Main City, Savage Land.

Emergency teams of volunteer colonists have been working round the clock to recover people trapped in buildings damaged by the secondary explosions.

As spokesperson for the Corporate Council of Savage Land said “… we are all greatly saddened by this accident, and our thoughts are with the families of those who lost loved ones. Fortunately such disasters are very rare and completely unpredictable – more like Acts of God really.”

Corporate Clampdown Causes Riots

Dateline 3215.275 T421 Q1
Local security forces have been placed on high alert and all leave canceled as the main city on T421 colony has experienced widespread disorder, looting and rioting.

The causes appear to be related to economic conditions on the colony, the primary investor – T421 Mining & Development Corporation is increasing coming under severe criticism locally for its underinvestment in infrastructure and what is alleged to be a very poor safety record in the highly profitable red mercury mines of the northern continent.

Colonists have been attempting to set up a civilian administration to represent themselves, but this has met with objection and legal blocking moves by the TMADC, who have shown no inclination to hand over administration of the colony into the hands of the inhabitants. Accusations form the colonist are that the leaders of their nascent democratic movement have been arrested or deported on trumped-up charges.

Reports are coming in that TMADC has recently employed off-world specialist security contractors to help keep order.

Working Gravitic Drive Unveiled On Earth!!!

Dateline 3215.301 Sol Q0

After centuries of unsuccessful attempts to develop new technologies for spaceflight, scientists from Earth have not only developed some radically new technologies in theory, but brought the entire thing to fruition in a working prototype that was demonstrated to an astonished audience of diplomats, dignitaries and scientists at the Earth One Spaceport in Ulaan Batuur.

After a brief presentation on the history of the project, which as been conducted in conditions of utter secrecy for the last three years, the prototype shuttle, codenamed ‘Firestorm’ was rolled out.

With a select passenger list of diplomats and an INN Journalist who has been embedded with the project, the gravitic shuttle lifted off nearly silently from the centre of Runway 17, and a mere 6 hours later was shown landing at Luna City, indicating consistent accelerations of over 10G. The occupants reported that they did not feel the effect of such high accelerations.

It has long been known that the Forerunners used such technology, and suspected that the Boldly Go Aliens similarly use a system that might be gravitic in nature – but humanity has repeatedly failed to find a way of making ‘riding gravity waves’ a practical technology scalable to space travel.

The impact of this new technology cannot be overestimated. On the stock markets shares in orbital station operating companies plummeted like a rock, causing severe profit warnings throughout the industry. Shipping and shipbuilding companies have similarly suffered as the entire space transportation industry reels from the shock of a radical new technology.

At the centre of the project is a joint Imperium / Lexcorp managing company – Lexcorp-Earth Gravitic Utilisation Programme. The CEO, Rubin Gentry said “This is a triumph, a huge success story for Earth Science, and of course, humanity. As soon as the final commercial rollout versions have completed their IAA flight certification and safety trials we would expect to enter into licensing arrangements with all major shipping and shipbuilding concerns on very favourable terms”.

Shares in Lexcorp rose a staggering 200% in the 24 hours following the announcement.

The Sirius Socialist Republic Ambassador was unavailable for comment.

Cyborg Registration Act Passed

Dateline 3215.291 Dyme Q7
Following stormy sessions in the Local Planetary Diet, the Cyborg Registration Act 3215 has been passed here on Dyme. This requires anyone with more than 5% ‘integral enhancement’ to be recorded and registered by the planetary police.

Supporters of the bill have argued that this is to protect their sizable transhuman population from discrimination and prejudice – as Granata Pureblood, the main proposer of the bill said “… look, I have nothing against cyborgs, and if they have nothing to hide they have nothing to fear.”.

Representatives of the Transhuman Liberation Front on Dyme have held a LED-lit vigil in the capital’s main square in protest against what they are calling an infringement of basic human rights.

The Earther Quadrant Governor was not available for comment, but gave us a written statement saying “… matters such as this are a for local governments and citizens to determine. The democratically-elected local government is sovereign in many areas.”

Blinky to Become a ‘Protectorate’

Dateline 3215.260 Organia Q3
The Organian Self Defence forces have moved into the Blinky system apparently at the request of Organian colonists in the system.

A local dispute over mining rights between a number of groupings has been brought to an end and the Organian Government has announced that “… in the interests of Interstellar Order, the Blinky System is now a Protectorate of Organia. The Organian people are happy to bear the cost of protecting Blinky against those who would undermine or disrupt this emerging colony.”

Some observers in Q4 are suggesting that this is tantamount to being a military occupation in everything but name. All reporters are currently excluded from Blinky

Colonial Referenda and Memberships

– from our colonial corespondent
The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: – Z156 Q8, Shade AH, Lagrange Q3, Finishing School Q4, Sendai Q5, Downbelow Q6

News in Brief

Security stepped up at Mystery

O’Sullivan Prime Minister dismisses Dino Flu threat as ‘panic-mongering’

Alphie Potato Re-Elected as President of the GFA

Rhett Elgon announces retirement from GFA Politics

First Church of Eldan presses for new religious laws

Space Piracy ‘Good for Business’ according to think tank.

Earth & Venus ‘draw line’ under conflict at Summit meeting.

President Forty slams ‘major’ powers for not taking treaties seriously.

Sirius ‘Mothers of the Murdered’ call for Rathbone to step down and face trial.

Banderas ‘off the record’ slur on Cetaceans leaked – dolphins lampoon her in new show.

GFA: SOS Attar now nearly as popular as A Potato in post-election Polls.

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