News of 3215 Turn 132

Nebok Moves To ‘Protect’ It’s Neighbour

Dateline Nebok Q7 3215.341
The Nebokian Republic has announced that in order to protect the neighbouring system of The Joint from what it is calling ‘Esteeler Pirates’ it has declared that the system is now a ‘protectorate of the Nebokian Republic’.

Given the very low level of the Nebokian economy this is not being taken all that seriously – although they have landed armed personnel on the planet, and currently all communication off-world are heavily censored. A spokesperson for the The Joint Planetary Council said “… we welcome our new gallant protectors from Nebok”.

A ‘The Chosen’ Ambassador?

Dateline Zubat Q0, 3215.359
Exclusive to INN: News is coming in from our Alien Correspondent on Zubat that the leadership of the Chosen Colony in Zubat is considering requesting that their colony be accorded some sort of diplomatic status so that they can be represented offworld.

Translation of the alien’s language is still in a fairly primitive form, though thanks to the huge efforts of the scientific teams from New Venus, the UOX and the MDF huge strides have been made. Inevitably this will be met with resistance. The ships of the fleets guarding the system are still turning away at least 10 unauthorised approaches every octant, from groups suspected of trying to exact revenge on the ‘killer aliens’.

The main leader/spokesperson is known only as ‘Superior Guide’ (the nearest translation we have to a name in the sense humans understand it) said to this correspondent (though a translation device) “… much regret have The Chosen for actions of the past. Communication wish we that humans our nature know.”.

Skirmishing On Gloria

Dateline Gloria Q6 3215.333
The colonial groupings on Gloria have turned into armed camps, as attempts by the Gloria First Colony, supported by ‘advisors’ from the Imperial Sentinels, to unify the planet in preparation for a referendum.

The other colonies, Gloriana Colonial Republic and the Federated Colonists have been supported by more heavily armed ‘advisors’ from the MAFC and the GFA. There is considerable skirmishing in the border regions where the GFC attempts to secure control of the vital red mercury rich Benefit Mountains region. The GFC have failed to make much headway, and the recent arrival of warships from both the GFAN and the MSN in high orbit might very well decide the issue quickly.

Transhuman Riot Brings City to Standstill

Dateline 3215.307 Dyme Q7
All roads into the main city of Numenius were closed by police and security forces as an initially peaceful protest against the new Cyborg Registration Act by the Dyme Transhumanist Front turned violent. It is alleged that the protestors were provoked by a counter demonstration by the United Colonists Integration Party – known for their right-wing anti-cyborg agenda. It is also alleged that slow responce by the police exacerbated the situation – and when they did intervene it was with excessive violence.

Fighting broke out which quickly spread throughout the downtown districts – shops and business suffered severe damage and 7 police officers were injured in the fighting.

Chief of City Police, Police-Brigadier Juliet Foxtrot said “…my people were up against it up there – I mean those ‘borgs have got all sorts of potentially lethal enhancements … this is why they have to be registered – for their own protection.”

A spokesperson for the DTF said “… this is totally , like, expected from the Imperialist Pigs – they downright attacked us they did. This is a Police State, man. You wait – first registration, then detention camps. Mark my words…”.

The press spokesperson for UCIP said “…any reasonable person should be standing up for a Dyme that is for Dymians – there are over 100 million Draconians just waiting to come here and take over … the Government is right to try to keep control”

Colonial Referenda and Memberships

– from our colonial correspondent
The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: – O’Sullivan Q8, Dobird Q8, T301 Q1, T64 Q3, Flash Peek Q7, Lucifer Q2

Referenda have been held on the following worlds:

Z156 Q8 T131 FWOQ
Shade AH T131 MAFC
Lagrange Q3 T131 GFA
Finishing School Q4 T131 GFA
Sendai Q5 T131 MAFC
Downbelow Q6 T131 Earth Empire

The following worlds have voted against holding a referenda on giving up their independence: None.

News In Brief

Anti-piracy conference planned in Quadrant 7

Long Dough signs treaty of cooperation with Deadlock.

Hostages Rescued from Siege on Savage Land

Old Calamity Dino Flu outbreak ‘under control’






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