News of 3214 Turn 119

Security Union in Crisis

Dateline 3214.070 Cunliffe Q1

The Quadrant One Security Union has reported the resignation of Chairman Dr Durand Durand, representative for Pinky. The move comes amid financial crisis in the Union brought about by the withdrawal of Gumboot in 3212 to join the Union of Xyon, an expensive carrier building contract signed by Dr Durand, the contraction of the economy of Durand’s home world of Pinky, and a serious recession on Hairless that could see the colony becoming abandoned.

Dr Durand’s successor, Barbara Ella, Director General of Cunliffe, has announced an emergency budget for 3214 which will see the Union’s defence spending slashed in a desperate attempt to halt the Union’s slide into bankruptcy. Gone will be the Union’s flagship, a Battleship, as well as one Armed Merchant and a Destroyer, further troop cuts to the tune of two Militia Brigades, and the withdrawal of the Hairless starguard. Marine forces will be halved, from 6 regiments to 3.

Taking delivery of the new interstellar Carrier from the Union of Xyon, Chairman Ella said she was thinking of naming it the ‘White Elephant’. “We must cut our cloth to fit our new straightened economic circumstances”, she said. “The truth is that the Union’s budget has halved under Dr Durand’s mismanagement. Another couple of years like that and we might as well give up and go home. I will be looking at leasing or joint command arrangements to support our new expensive addition to the fleet, as well as pursuing foreign investment into the Union wherever possible. Otherwise we won’t have a Union in a couple of years.”

Observers say that this change of leadership also marks a change of emphasis in the Union. Shorn of the Marsec financed world of Gumboot, and with the Venerian influenced world of Pinky on the wane, the Earther colonies of Cunliffe, Lashdose and Samhogakaya are now in the ascendant and setting the tone for the Union, and have forced the change in leadership.

Speaking to journalists after his ousting as Chairman, Dr Durand Durand said; “I am obviously disappointed that the Union has taken this decision, based on a single years disappointing economic results. The decision to build the new carrier was to better balance the fleet and approved by all members of the Union, including my successor, as there were none available to lease commercially at the time. I was able to secure a very favourable deal with our UoX friends over financing which led to us purchasing it at a fraction of market price, and for this I am dismissed! I am sure Ms Ella will not find guiding the Union as easy as she imagines. Why, if I…” (contd p93).


Gorilla Summit

Stardate Gorilla Q0 3214.130

After decades of tense ‘state of war’ between Sirius and Earth, Earth First Minister Rathbone made an offer to President Kapuchinsky to start talks aimed at normalising relations between the two polities.

The New Republic came out of the recent summit with its status substantially enhanced, having been formally recognised as a member of the community of interstellar nations.

A proposal to introduce a convention recognising the limits of authority a state has around its system. No consensus was reached, though many participants agreed with Earth law which states the limit of authority is twice the distance of the M25 limit.

There was more ‘discussion’ on the proposed Grand Armada to attack the Roach home worlds. It looks like some nations are becoming lukewarm on the mission. The representative from the Wolf Commonwealth said afterwards “…look, we’re in this to destroy them – they killed billions of humans and its time for payback!”


Alphie Potato Blown Up in Q6

Dateline 911RPU Q6 3214.027

Right wing activiststs have claimed responsibility for the large bomb that destroyed the huge statue of President Potato in the centre of the prestigious Alphimall shopping centre in the middle of the main city, Trinian. A estimated million credits worth of damage was done to the shops and 16 killed and over 256 people injured. As well as destroying the 10 metre high statue of the president.

The terrorists, known as the Asteel First Army, have been responsible for increasing violence on 911RPU and security measures have been heightened. The AFA, despite its violence has been gaining some popular support, particuarly from those on the right of the political spectrum. An AFA communique said “…we totally 110% oppose the evil AI-inspired Potato regime that is seeking to impose imperialist hegemony on free and right-thinking Esteelers and impose dangerous policies like gun control and free health care. Hail Asteel!”

The Colonial Office of Police on 911RPU has announced increased security measures and over 64 arrests have been made. The Chairperson of the 911RPU Potato Fan Club was in tears and unable to comment.

Wanted Pirate Arrested

Dateline Septimus Q2 3214.045

We have reports of the Sirian heavy cruiser Al-Shams deploying starship marines to assault an asteroid in the indepenedent Septimus system. This asteroid, officially listed as a Belter supply base turns out to have been the operating base for the notorious and widely wanted pirate ‘Captain’ Big Jim Gutslasher. Gutslasher has been implicated in over 70 pirate attacks over the last 10 years and was probably the most notorious pirate in the quadrant. A spokespeson for the Sirian Navy said “This was a triumph. And the culmination of years of painstaking intelligence work. Our marines did their job and now Gutslasher, as well as over 17 of his known criminal associates are in custody. The men, women and citizens of our Marine Corps are to be commended for their bravery and dedication” According to the Sirius authorities the public trial will be held at some point within the next 2 octants. Viewing figures are expected to be high.

Q7 Sirians Under Earth ‘Protectorate’

Dateline 3214.090 Gryt Quadrant 7

Following a request from the incoming Acting Governor in Q7, for international support in the disastrous war against the New Republic, the Earth Empire has sent a powerful peacekeeping fleet to the Sirian quadrant capital, Gryt. The Earther Admiral Cho said “We have been invited in to keep the peace in this part of Quadrant 7, and we have instructed the warring parties to stand down all their military forces in Sirian systems. Henceforth, and until such time as a suitable peace is restored the affected worlds are to remain under protection of the Empire”. The SSR government were unavailable to answer INN questions, but privately some senior military leaders in the SSRN are critical of the new governor who seems to ready to surrender soveriegnty to a nation that the SSR is still, technically at least, at war with. Governor Borgia’s political opponents are even using the term ‘selling out to the enemy’. Observers suggest that unless Borgia is able to take some decisive action the Earthers will remain in de facto control of the ailing Sirian colony.

The Sirian state remains in crisis, and following the recent defeats, the Ministry of Enlightment has stepped up the military education syllabus in high schools across the quadrant. Particular emphasis is being made to develop an interest in long range missile technology and space combat tactics, and membership of the Young Socialist Space Corps has increased by over 50% in the last few octants – the young people volunteering to join workers extending and strengthening the system of deep bunkers constructed during the First Exterminator War. The Commissar of the Gryt Faction of the YSSC announced “We are confident that our young and new citiizens will be grasping missile warfare with both hands and using the technology with the utmost determination and pleasure”.

Dino Flu on Earth?

Dateline 3214.108 Sol Q0

Reports that First Minister Rathbone has been struck down with a particularly virulent bout of influenza has led to some observers voicing concern that the dangerous virus known as ‘dino-flu’ might have spread to Earth itself. Earther health authorities have been quick to point out that there is no known way the virus could have spread to Earth. This has not done much to dispel panic, particularly in the poorer arctic cities. Riots broke out in Rekyavik outside a medical centre when supplies of general purpose vaccine ran low. 32 arrests were made and one police officer was injured.

Former Governor Al-Fexit to Retire
Dateline Gryt Q7 3214.095
The outgoing Governor Al-Fexit from Q7 has announced his decision to retire from Sirian politics. After nearly a century of activity both in Quadrant 7 and Quadrant 0 as well as elsewhere, the veteran statesman from Sirius said he now wishes to spend more time with is family from now on, and did not wish to overshadow his successors in Sirius politics. A continually controversial figure, Al-Fexit was once though to be a potential Party Chairman or possibly even President, but his relations with the Party never quite allowed him to achieve his ambition, That and his unfailing habit of being controversial. His finest hour may have been his leadership of Quadrant 7 during the Exterminator War, though he was involved in some other major successes such as the surprise decision of Samhain to join the SSR in 3166, where he was instrumental in avoiding conflict with the MAFC, as well as leading the faction that defeated the violent rebellion on Gryt back in 3137. Al-Fexit, age 102, will not be inactive however, as he will be starting a new role as Professor Emeritus of Socialist Studies in the prestigious Mald School of Economics in Q0.

Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: Boldre Q7, Flapping Jack Q6, Sturm Q1

Referenda have been held on the following worlds:

Result – voted to apply to join:

Hub Q8 T118 SSR
Z10 Q7 T118 New Republic

News in Brief

90th Shock fleet departs Sirius ‘on training manoevers’.

Government overthrown on Croak Q0

Tital waves devastate Deadlock Q1

NeoPope speaks out on AI as the ‘ultimate evil’

Deadly floods hit capital of Japeth Q2

Armed rebels threaten stability on Alvarez

Dramatic hostage rescue saves 24 on Organia Q4

Fighting over disputed island in south of 333AL intensifies

Jigger facing crisis over dino-flu outbreak

Lee Zhang wins prestigious Wimpey Peace Prize

Armstrong welcomes the support of Imperial Sentinels as ‘..true patriots…’

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