News of 3215 Turn 126

Under Siege in T301

Dateline 3215.016 T301 Q1

Tension is rising in orbit over the beleaguered colony world of T301. Fleets from the Venerian Republic and the Federation have been squaring off against each other for several octants now and the situation is showing no signs of easing. Both sides are attempting to maintain a blockade of arms imports, whilst at the same time ensuring that the colonial groupings that they support are able to ‘maintain a credible self defence’.
The interception of incoming merchant ships is a critical issue here, as many shipping companies have been considering boycotting the system until the political situation is resolved. That said, the system orbital remains open for business, even if it feels under siege. Our INN reporter on the orbital says “.. people here are mostly just keeping calm and carrying on with their day to day lives. There are sometimes three of four security alerts a day, as the pacifiers or ships of one or other of the fleets come too close to the station. The station pacifiers are operating round the clock, and the station’s starship marines are very much in evidence in the corridors and at key locations. The station management have introduced a curfew at certain times, and has recruited a Station Militia of residents with military experience to assist in case the station is attacked or boarded. Civil defence and hull breach drills are frequent, and the station maintenance crews have been busy building secure refuges for civilians.”

Kami Typhoon Hits Mines

Dateline 3215.034 Kami Q1

Reports have come in of a freak super-typhoon that has swept the southern hemisphere of the colony world, causing widespread destruction among some of the developing mining outposts in the equatorial continent. The Kami Mining Cooperative has apparently had to temporarily close down several lucrative red mercury mines as a result of damage caused by the 200kph winds. Loss of life has been minimal, as the mines had storm shelters, but this is likely to set the development of this colony back several years.

Toateng in Flames

Dateline 3215.008 Estreham Q2

The city of Toateng has been in flames for four nights running following widespread rioting by the predominantly Yendorian Clewgist community in the city. Protesting against what they claim to be widespread religious discrimination, the tensions transformed a protest about unemployment into widespread fighting between the Yendorian and Estreham Clewgist communities. The security forces intervened to keep the two parties apart, and themselves became the target of indiscriminate violence from gangs of masked youths form the self-styled ‘Yendorian Volunteer Force’. The YVF gangs torched businesses known to be owned by rival sect members, as well as government offices. Their main protest would appear to be about religious discrimination from the police (who are themselves 98% Estreham Clewgists), and the absence of jobs.
A spokesperson fro the government, said “We must establish the rule of law. The way to bring about change is through the ballot box, not the bomb. Those of us loyal to the Martian Association see this as an attack on the Martian Way of Life. We will not surrender to extremists”. Reports suggest at least 13 rioters have been killed by police, and many more injured. The police had three officers injured in the fighting.

Terrorist Attack

Dateline 3215.028 Lardec Q3

Security forces were very much in evidence in the City of New Landing following what is being called a ‘terror attack’ in which the city’s courthouse was severely damaged in a bomb blast. The Hopeful Arrival Freedom Army have claimed responsibility. The Colonial authorities have described HAFA as a criminal organisation and outlawed membership of it. However in the region around New Landing, formerly the capital of the old Hopeful Arrival Colony, there is widespread support for HAFA. HAFA claim that the Hopeful Arrival Colony was forcibly integrated into the Earther planetary colony some years ago, and that they represent those who are unwilling to “…submit to the Imperialist Oppressors”. The Earth Government claims that the integration was democratically arrived at and that everyone was happy with it at the time (apart from a few rebels and criminals).
The bombing looks like a step change in the actions of the HAFA, which until now has contented itself mostly with “Earthers Go Home” graffiti.

Heinlein’s last Hope

Dateline 3215.011 Twinky Q4

The Q4LO continues to be a thorn in the side of the authorities on Twinky. Although most of its leadership is currently in prison, activists continue to make their cause known through a variety of media. Most recently is a campaign of guerilla street theatre, with flashmob performances of a new opera called ‘Heinlein’s Last Hope’ about the golden age of the former President, and alleging that his disappearance was engineered by vile conspirators in RexCom. The opera is described as ‘an obscene and anti-social corrupting influence’ and has been banned. However, so far only a few performances have been disrupted by Venerian police, and it would seem that the Q4LO popularity is growing.

Political Thaw on 911RPU?

Dateline 3215.040 911RPU Q6

GFA authorities have reached an important agreement with the dissident forces known as the Asteel First Army. Despite calls for the AFA to be ruthlessly hunted down – the colonial government, supported by specialist military units newly arrived from Quadrant 0 – has managed to open a constructive dialogue with the AFA leadership with a view to reducing tensions and mediating a constructive and inclusive joint response.
A spokesperson from the AFA, known only as ‘Colonel Ecchs’ said “…whilst we totally 110% oppose the evil AI-inspired Potato regime we have agreed that in return for concessions on gun control and freedom of association we might be able to put up with some sort of temporary power-sharing arrangement in due course. Hail Asteel!”
The influential Third Force Party under Charles Kane is also involved in talks over the future of the colony, and it too seems to have toned down its demands for secession from the Federation – though many issues remain before sometimes violent tensions on this beleaguered colony world can be said to have been fully resolved.

Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: Bullfrog Q7, T39 Q3, P14 Q5

News in Brief

Clewgist Survivalist strongholds stormed by Wolfer Army on Scott Q5

‘RoboNurses totally cool’ says Jigger colony as dino flu recedes

Old Calamity dino flu outbreak ‘nothing to worry about’

Transhuman pressure group outlawed on Pesayta Q7

‘Humanity First’ shuttle favorite for this years Rathbone Cup race.

Exterminator Theme Park re-opens on Z’ha’dum

Earther Fleet denied shore leave on New Berlin after widespread violence.

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