News of 3209 Turn 79

Evangelou Mystery Deepens.

Dateline Evangelou Q0 3209.113

The Wolf Commonwealth has been maintaining a news blackout on their important Evangelou system for two octants now, and it is giving rise to rumours of a coup within the upper echelons of the Wolfer government. No satisfactory explanation of the fate of Prime Minister Young, who was visiting the system at the time, has yet been put forward.

Reporting restrictions, always fairly tight in the Commonwealth have reached Venerian levels of control. Rumours are varied, the most plausible include that the Wolfers were conducting some sort of bizarre weapons research that went horribly wrong or that a Visitor trade ship entered the system and they attempted to capture it, or that Young has staged an elaborate hoax in a bid to reverse the terminal slide of his political fortunes (reappearing in due course as some sort of hero).

Whatever the outcome, inhabitants of the Evangelou system are increasingly nervous, and many merchant corporations are charging up to triple fees for cargo lift into Evangelou system. The official line remains “nothing to see here, move along…”


Ceasefire Negotiated on Amoss

Dateline Amoss Q6 3209.091

Fighting on this troubled colony appears to be drawing to a close as a ceasefire, brokered by GFA diplomats, has been agreed. The Von Strucker government fell, following the sudden dissapearance of Von Strucker and his key cabinet members. A hastily formed provisional Government has agreed to a ceasefire and there is every prospect of an orderly handover to Sirian control and fresh local elections supervised by international observers from the Interstellar Electoral Commission.

And what ofVon Strucker? – the situation is unclear. It is suspected that his exile from Amoss may have been part of the peace deal – though he is wanted by the Sirians on a number of charges of crimes against democracy, murder and fraud he has not been seen in public for more than a week.


GFA Deploy on ‘Training Mission’

Dateline Potomax Q7 3209.090

The GFAN has announced that the embarkation of GF troops and the movement of fleet Richard E Fleming to the M25 of Potomax is merely part of ongoing training and readiness exercises. Admiral Colin Would – most senior GFAN officer in the quadrant who will be accompanying the fleet on exercise said “We need to be sure that the GFA in Q7 can respond quickly to all circumstances – this exercise, codenamed Exercise SUPERFAST MOBILE – is aimed at testing rapid embarkation and employment of ground forces and joint fleet-GF procedures.”. Govenernor Rhett Elgon refused to be drawn as to whether this was sabre-rattling directed towards the Arcadian Regime on Nebok. A spokesperson for the Governor said “The Governor has no comment at this time – the situation where GFA citizens have been illegally detained is a matter of ongoing dialogue with the Nebokian government. Military exercises are a matter for the military”.
Flamboyant General Dylan O’Chang, commander of GFA ground forces in Q7 is reported as saying “We’re gonna do what we’re best at – we’re the guys in the white hats and we ‘aint gonna take no lip from no one”. His official spokesperson later clarified that he was making a rhetorical point and not a comment on any putative current situation that may or may not be in progress.

Names Change in Q5.

Dateline 3209.076

Name changes have been registered in Quadrant 5. P20 has been renamed PETE and MB291 has been renamed EMBEE. P20 was destroyed by Exterminators during the last war.


Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: Hush Bush Q2

Referenda have been held on the following worlds: Davo Q3 has voted to apply for membership of the Earth Empire.

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