News of 3209 Turn 80

Evangelou Exodus

Dateline Evangelou Q0 3209.180

News is leaking out of greatly increased emigration from Evangelou as the mysterious ‘Evangelou Incident’ remains unexplained. Following a press statement in the official Commonealth news media that there might be some risk to the colony world, all outgoing merchants have been packed with the wealthy inhabitants leaving the system. Corporations are reported as reducing ‘non-essential staff’ in the system and there have been unconfirmed reports of public disorder around spaceports. Officially the local government on Evangelou is not admitting that there is any ‘mass panic’ among the citizens, but police and security services planetside have had all leave cancelled “…as a confidence building measure”. An official spokesperson said “There is absolutely nothing to worry about – there is no known way the anomaly could be a risk to the inhabitants of Evangelou – and talk of an incipient black hole forming is just nonsense and should be treated with the contempt it deserves”. Reassuring words do not seem to be working, however, and the Wolfer Government seems to be no nearer satisfactorily explaining the sudden dissapearance of Prime Minister Young and his entourage, along with some scientists – leaving the field open to rumour and conspiracy theories.

Marines Rescue Merchants

Dateline NebokQ7 3209.148

In a daring raid by starship marines from GFAN fleet Richard E Fleming, the prisoners being held on charges of smuggling by the Nebokian Government have all been recovered. An official GFAN communique said “All 47 Esteeler merchant crew have been recovered safe and sound. Our forces suffered no casualties.”. Details of this mission are sparse, the Nebokian media are reporting a “Major attack by Esteeller Space Pirates” together with long and lurid stories about GFA Marines roasting babies with plasmatic weapons, looting and raping innocent civilians. Initial reports indicate that casualties were heavy among Nebokian security personnel guarding the prisoners, and that one of the impounded merchant ships may have been wrecked during the fighting as a result of explosive booby-traps placed by the Nebokians. The other ship appears to have been safety recovered by GFAN efforts.
Governor Rhett Elgon said “This is not a time for triumphalism, although we are very pleased by the performance of our boys and girls in the GFA Forces. We have sent a message today to those rogue states that think they can best our resolve and challenge our armed forces. But I say to them, nobody is better than the GFA – and you had better get used to it!”
It is no coincidence that Governor Elgon’s standing in the polls hhas grown significantly as a result of this military success, and his re-election is looking increasingly likely now.


20 Die in Evangelou System.

Dateline Evangelou Q0 3209.150

The SS Bunty’s Hope was destroyed by plasmatic weapons as it entered the ‘no fly’ zone surrounding the mysterious Evangelou incident. A spokesperson for the Royal Navy said “This area is completely out of bounds, and all vessels have been warned that, under Commonwealth emergency powers, lethal force is permitted to maintain the security boundary. The SS Bunty Hope had been chartered by a number of news media representatives who were, it seems, merely trying to find out more about an event that the Wolfer Government is trying to keep quiet.The editor in chief of the Roumers News Agency (which it is believed lost a journalist in the incident) said “It would seem that the Commonwealth has a lot to hide ft they intend to kill innocent jouralists to protect their secrets. The death of the influential reporter Jeremy Paxoe in what is tantamount to a state inspired murder will not go unremarked. We are determined to bring the truth to the Universe, despite the efforts of the Wolfer police state to gag us”.

A spokesperson for the Wolfer government said that the deaths were “…unfortunate, but the ship had been warned and they were fired on for their own safety”.


Hookum Riots Target Earth Assets.

Dateline Hookum Q1 3209.125

Planetary Governor Spenser, on Hookum, has ordered the deployment of Earth military forces planetside to “…protect Earther economic interests…” following ten days of planetwide rioting. The Governor has accused Neelofar Khan, the local colonial government leader of “…complicity in fomenting unrest and inciting criminal and hostile elements to commit hostile acts”. He went on to accuse the Khan government of ordering the local police off the steets at the height of the unrest – resulting in several Earther-owned factories being looted and burnt, and more than 73 deaths.

The deployment of Imperial forces has been supplemented by the arrival of an Audit Fleet and a GF Division – believed to have been directed to Hookum by Quarant Govenror Pollard. Governor Pollard said “…I am therefore confident that Governor Spencer has everything in hand”. Full deployment will take a few days.


Bombing on Old Mars

Dateline Sol Q0 3209.160

The Real Free Mars Movememt is claiming responsibility for a bomb that detonated in Hyama City yesterday. The bomb destroyed an Imperial Navy Recruiting office and resulting in many thousands of credist of damage. 27 people were injured, 4 of them seriously. It was fortunate that there were no deaths – and this was only because the bomb went off in the small hours of the morning, when the office was closed and not many people were about. Geraldine Eve, the leader of the Martian People’s Party – long associated with traditional resistance to Earth rule on Mars – said “…we are fully commited to peaceful political processes, and do not support the actions of the RFMM. However, Earth is doing nothing to help the rights of Martians to self determination, and it is not surprising that some members of the community feel they have no options left”. A spokesperson for the government on Old Mars said “This is just an isolated incident, we do not anticipate a return to the bad old days of 3140s and 50s.”. He went on to indicate that arrests would be imminent.

Names Change in Q7.

Dateline 3209.123

Name changes have been registered in Quadrant 7. Z131 has been renamed as RESURRECTION and Z125 has been renamed LUCKY STRIKE.


Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda:

Referenda have been held on the following worlds:

The following worlds have voted against holding a referenda on giving up their independence: None.

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