News of 3213 Turn 111

Birth of The New Republic

Dateline New Draconis Q7 3213.091

It’s official, Quadrant 7 has the first fully fledged political union outside of Quadrant 0. Always the most developed colonial quadrant, Q7 has witnessed the growth of a strong alliance right out on the fringes of colonised space. The people of this new polity, calling itself ‘The New Republic’ are diverse, representing the hardy colonial attitudes familiar out there on the fringes. Heavily represented in the new government are politicians from New Draconis and there is a strong transhumanist constituency.

The final stages of the formation of the new polity involved some very sensitive behind-the-scenes bargaining, resulting in the election of President Charlie Forty, and Chancellor Millicent Yen from the majority Democratic Republican Party – with coalition style appointments such as Elaine Harpy from the rival Greater Prosperity Party, as Minister of Foreign Relations.

There was a celebratory low orbit flypast of the Fleet Flagship, RSS Superhero, which lit up the skies above New Draconis is a massive drive plasma flare in the upper atmosphere.

President Forty said, in his acceptance speech “The Government of The New Republic will regard it as its first and foremost duty to create in this new nation the spirit of unity and cooperation. It will preserve and defend those basic principles on which our colonies has been built. It regards freedom as the foundation of our national morality.”

Mystery Orbital Structures ‘Factories’

Dateline Mystery Q0 3213.105

Among the mass of archeological data being gather at the newly discovered ‘Forerunner Homeworld’ are a few startling discoveries. The details are scarce as the academics are naturally cautious and reluctant to be definite about anything – but it would appear that the huge orbital structures found orbiting the star might have had the function of construction works of some sort. Based on some early exploration of these structures, it is being conjectured that they might have been used to dismantle asteroids, or to build things on a vast scale – many kilometres across. Based on what is already known, whatever was built is no longer in the system (unless their orbits decayed and they crashed into the star millennia ago.. So yet another mystery at Mystery. Every day brings a thousand more questions for every new discovery.

Alliance Suffers Setback – Blue Hat Gains ‘Considerable’

Dateline T301 Q1 3213.64

Fighting is continuing on the embattled colony of T301. IDA forces have been forced to abandon their defences around the key city of Audacity. The loss of the city places much of the Sigil Hills under Blue Hat control, as this is a major route centre and base for key mining activity in the area. General Dreadlock, commanding the First Shock Assault Brigade of the Blue Hat Defence Forces (the troops that took the town) said “The honest citizens of Audacity have nothing to fear from us – we bring the rule of law and an end to the corrupt regimes that have been fleecing you dry for years. All citizens must remain in their homes and obey the instructions of the Occupying Forces.”

Stories are already coming in of Blue Hat abuses of the local population, especially the rounding up of those suspected of spying for the alliance, or of being saboteurs. The IFA said “This is a temporary setback – we have not yet begun to fight. The Blue Hat fascist aggressors will reget their actions very soon,”


Riots Over Flag

Dateline Weyand Q6 3213.090

Crowds of citizens protested outside the Quadrant Colonial Govenrment offices on Weygand after the Administration decided to reduce the number of days per year that the Imperial Flag is flown over public buildings. A spokesperson for the Earther Government said “Look… this was a simple decision made on rational grounds – in other parts of the Empire the flag is mainly used on public holidays and the First Citizen’s Birthday, but we have got into the habit of flying it 400 days a year. With the weather here on Weygand we have to replace the flag every few octants, so its getting expensive”.

The citizens, including strong contingents of what have been identified as the Imperial Loyalists Party – a right wing, pro-Imperium group – became angry and violence erupted, resulting in a number of police vehicles being set on fire, and several COPs being injured. There were 254 arrests, mainly on public order grounds.

The chief of police said “This was an appalling spectacle, resulting in significant damage to property and, most alarmingly, injury to a number of those seeking to keep The Government Buildings secure, and our thoughts are with those who were hurt”.


Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: Goose Q8, Kragg Q7, Apokalips Q5

Referenda have been held on the following worlds:

Result – voted to apply to join:

Gradat Q6 T110 Earth Empire

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