News of 3211 Turn 95


an INN special investigation

An issue that has caused increasing concern in recent years has been the rise of neo-fascist movements in the worlds of Quadrant 6. Discussions have reached the highest levels of government, making it on to the agenda of international summits and even becoming an issue in the recent Esteeler Presidential Election. The Amoss Crisis which nearly brought Earth and Sirius to the brink of all-out war has been fueled at least in part by these developments. Yet to our knowledge there has so far been no attempt to draw all of the strands together and produce a coherent picture.

Over the past three octants, INN journalists, working in difficult and often dangerous situations, have helped to piece together a definitive account of this movement, and so, in place of our usual report, today we present the results of our own investigations.


Many of the worlds of Quadrant 6 now have neo-fascist movements. We have found them on Douglas, Blenda, Rotnart, 911RPU, Trio, Weygand, Macross, Happy, Bodika, Froglish, Finned Tuit and Amoss, where the notorious Von Strucker briefly held power. In all cases the methods and policies are very similar, and the modus operandi has followed a recurring pattern. There has been a pre-existing belief in some sort of natural supremacy of a local demographic group. A strong leader figure has appeared who has promoted the definition of some other group as the cause of the world’s ills. Harsh and discriminatory laws have followed, and there has been a focus on militaristic public spectacle: a love of uniforms and parades. We have dubbed this ‘franchise fascism’ – because the same successful formula has been repeated over and over, adapted for local circumstances. Someone has deliberately and cleverly picked on areas of internal tension in each world and exploited them very effectively. The same campaign techniques are being used in each case – though with some small local variations, and it can only be conjectured that the fascists are at least comparing notes with each other on how to gain political victory, and may well have a central instigator.

We have tried to unpick the web of connections between these disparate groups, and we believe that there is some kind of central coordination and direction between these movements beyond simply being ideological ‘fellow travellers’. But who is the political mastermind behind this movement, and what is their aim? Is it to create a new state? Is that why we are increasingly starting to hear talk of ‘Pan-Q6 Nationalism’ among these fascist groups? Are they being moulded towards a new international fascist state?


Some have pointed the finger towards Von Strucker and his abortive dictatorship on Amoss. However, without him his own movement appears to have largely collapsed. Amoss is now back firmly under Sirius control, although there is still a weak undercurrent of right wing agitation comprised of former Von Strucker loyalists. Von Strucker himself appears to be on Weygand, enjoying the protection of the Imperial Earth authorities. Although Earth refuses to comment on this, it seems quite likely that IEN forces smuggled Von Strucker and a core cadre of loyalists off-planet during the dying days of his regime.


So is the solution to be found on Weygand? Governor Armstrong of Earth has been closely linked with these groupings. He is documented to have met, at various times, with the leaders of all of the right-wing parties in Quadrant 6. However, there seemed to be a missing element to the picture. Although his views were always right wing, they were not extremely so, and his public statements have never positioned him any further to the right than, say, First Minister Ashanti.

Indeed, when we researched his background, those close to him or who had followed his political career told us that they had been surprised at the forcefulness of his character in recent years. Until about 3200, Armstrong was a relative unknown in Earther politics, a frankly lacklustre character, and certainly not the sort to mastermind a pan-Quadrant fascist conspiracy. Even now, though his political performance has improved by leaps and bounds, in face to face interviews he remains quite an uncharismatic, uninspiring man.

Former insiders have been reluctant to comment, but our attention has been drawn again and again to a figure within Armstrong’s inner circle. This man, John Smith, appears to be extremely influential upon Armstrong, and has been the credited as the driving force behind Armstrong’s political change of heart and new success.

Unfortunately, our researches into Mr Smith have so far not turned up anything of note. He is a career civil servant, and a very private man, even secretive. He never gives interviews and is rarely if ever seen in public. According to his record he grew up in a farming community on Misstur in Q6 and worked his way up the Imperial Civil service ladder for 30 years, mainly working on colonial agricultural policy. He was appointed technical advisor to the Governor about 10 years ago. He has no hobbies or dependents.

Meanwhile, although we have uncovered evidence of there being an ‘Armstrong party’ within the Imperial Senate, there seems to be no conspiracy here. Armstrong is liked in Q0 senatorial circles because he is seen as an ‘old-school imperialist’. Those senators who are not supporters of the First Minister, including those increasingly partisan towards the Imperial Family, admire him because he embarrassed Ashanti over the Amoss Inquiry. Not many of them know much about him, other than his apparent ability to gain new colonies – and that is apparently enough for them.


There remains one tragic postscript to our report. Regular viewers may remember the discovery of a regression colony at the world of Blenda (INN T26). One of the more disheartening stories that we have come across during our production of this report has been the tale of how impressionable regression colonists from Blenda – often with little understanding of the universe – have been specifically targeted by this movement. On Blenda they have found people used to hardship and often with less enlightened views about other groupings and their rights, who have been cynically manipulated into becoming recruits as secret police and paramilitaries for the movement, happy to impose these views on others and enforce them in the most brutal ways. The only fortunate detail in all of this is that their lack of an advanced technical education makes them unsuitable for recruiting into advanced formations such as Ground Forces, Navy or Marines.

This INN Special Report has been written and researched by Ted Maul, Edison Carter, Theora Jones and Damien Day.

Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: Murphy Q1, Hang It All, Q2, Cavalry Q3, Honda Q5, Resurrection Q7

Referenda have been held on the following worlds:

Result – voted to apply to join:

Dchoveny Q6
Earth Empire
Asteriks Q6
Earth Empire
Scorch Q7
Eastern Defence Bloc
Booze AH
Venerian Republic
Nimrod Q0
Drum Q4
Charley Q1
Rabi Q2
Venerian Republic
The following worlds have voted against holding a referenda on giving up their independence: None.

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