News of 3216 Turn 138

Extreme weather disaster

Power House (Q8)

“It is going to continue to get hotter,” said Anthelm Trobe, a meteorologist for the Q8 Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s physical sciences laboratory. ‘Rising temperatures and drought are unequivocally linked to human activities. We need to change how we live.”

Four women chosen to run Goudier Islands outpost and count penguin species

Ramadan (Q4)

Mairi Corbett, base leader, Pip Molloy, wildlife monitor, Lucy Ballantyne, communications boss, and Natalie Hilton, pod manager, beat 6,000 applicants to spend five months working on the Goudier Islands on Ramadan. The four have taken on one of the strangest jobs, running one of Mars’ coldest communications posts – on an outpost with no other residents – and count penguins.


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