News of 3218 Turn 149

Another celebrity bombshell

Claymore (Q3)

Claymore is again reeling in shock with recent revelations that film mogul Harry Weiner allegedly lured women into hotel rooms and bars, and sexually harassed them in what some have described as an open secret known for years in celebrity circles.

‘This used to be a quiet backwater of the quadrant,’ stated Isla Maffei. ‘but its no longer a place I want to raise my family.’


Devastating Hurricane Season

Asvina (Q5)

A hurricane season unlike any other has come to a close after causing billions of dollars in damages, and devastating those who were impacted by Hurricanes Harry, Inia and Marina when they plowed through southeast


Prominent Satanist joins independent colony venture

Gorilla (Q0)

Prominent Satanist and one of LONAW’s most famous, and brilliant professional administrators, Riz Reinhardt, has joined the newly formed Colony 51 Corporation. Reinhardt said, ‘I was bored. I have been looking for a new challenge.’ The Corporation aim to arrive and establish its first settlement in 3221.


Good news story for nature lovers on Stown

Stown (Q7)

Stown became the first world in the quadrant to protect more than 10% of its ocean waters, after the government partnered with Stownault custodians to create a vast new conservation zone in the Yuman – the Suvaijuitluq Marine Protected Area and the Suvaijuitluq Imago National Marine Conservation Area.



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