News of 3219 Turn 150

Director lashes out at AI

Palatine (Q8)

Mark Watney, Director of the Martian Artificial Intelligence Detection Service (MAIDS) for Q8 has forthrightly told an audience on Palatine that the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) could be cataclysmic unless its rapid development was strictly and ethically controlled. ‘Because other polities were not as vigilant as the Martian Federation,’ he continued. ‘AI could be the worst event in human history.’


Putting Roots Down

Deadwood (Q8)

Deadwood smashed the quadrant record for tree planting. Led by Mayor Sianna-Marie Abiy, millions of Deadwoodians planted 353 million trees in 12 hours.


Bel-Air Reactor leak poses no safety threat

Bel-Air (Q5)

A reactor leak at the Isaria 2 station in the south of Bel-Air has resulted in 128 deaths. Operations will stop completely for a week-long repair period.


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