News of 3215 Turn 129

Zubat Attack

Dateline Zubat Q0 3215.200

Reports are coming in of a potential mass-driving attack on the Roach war criminal enclave on Zubat. It has been rumoured that such an attack might be under way for some time. t has now been confirmed from several sources that the Wolfer Royal Navy started a mass driving attack on Zubat. Apparently this attack was resisted by Earther, Venerian and Esteeler fleet elements and a number of warships sustained extensive damage as shots were exchanged.

The Wolf Government, under severe pressure from the other major polities agreed to call off the attack, thus saving the Roaches from a fate they only too readily dished out onto human men, women, transhumans and children.

The crisis, and the appearance of Earther and Union of Xyon Warships over Wolf 359 itself, cause a successful non-confidence vote in the Wolfer Parliament, and the provisional government formed led by controversial, yet charismatic opposition leader, Lord Guy St Just. St Just’s policies are as yet unfolding, but he will have his work cut out to reduce the growth in influence of the KPGK in government, and create some national unity. There is no doubt that the attempt to punish the Roaches had a great deal of popular support within the Commonwealth (as elsewhere).

Meanwhile, initial news of the attack caused widespread expressions of jubilation on all worlds in Q0, to be matched by dismay and protest when news that the attack had been called off arrived. Small counter-demonstrations against the extermination of the Roaches also occurred.


Incident at Nasa

Dateline Nasa Q0 3215.201

Reports are coming in of some sort of military action at a remote research base in the Nasa system in Q0. Allegedly, this station was conducting developments on shuttle design. Reports indicate that a fleet entered the system and the base was destroyed by atomic demolition charges.

The base occupants were evacuated and civilian space traffic control tell us that the entire evacuation has been classified Military Jolly Secret.

Sources suggest that the base might have contained an illegal Artificial Intelligence, and that it was destroyed by a Venerian fleet.

Others suggest it was a forerunner AI and the invading fleet might have been Martian.

Or it might have been Sirian retaliation for Marx City.

Whatever it was, a diplomatic storm is brewing, as the Imperial Earth Navy has now gone to what amounts to a war footing.

Disaster on Alvarez

Dateline Alvarez Q3 3215.167

Gladstone City, the main city of Alvarez, was placed in a state of emergency as the main fusion plant suffered a catastrophic containment failure. The entire Southern District has had to be evacuated and according to reports there have been over 65,000 casualties, and nearly a quarter of million inhabitants made homeless. The Colonial Supreme Council has quarantined the affected areas and the militia are everywhere in evidence assisting with keeping order and limiting looting and panic.

Deadlock Elects First Secular Government

Dateline Deadlock Q1 3215.158

Following the surprise coup and overthrow of the Theocratic Council of Darius Zehring by charismatic space-captain Chen Pyong-Lee, the promise elections have seen the creation of the first secular government on Deadlock since its foundation.

Surprisingly, given the violent resistance of the old regime, Zehring was allowed to form a political party and take part in the election. His religious right-wing party the ‘God’s Truth Party’ did surprisingly well in the polls, gaining 5.6% of the vote.

However, the new planetary Diet, will be led by the Social Freedom Party, composed of freed opposition activists. Captain-General Chen declined many invitations to take on the role of President, despite his popularity. He remains on Deadlock as an advisor to the new President, Simona Lee.

The power of the old church is being rapidly dismantled, and after initial troubles, there appears to have been a remarkable degree of agreement on a new constitution and a political systems free from religious bias. Even Darius Zehring has, according to our sources, been privately supporting reform.

Colonial Referenda and Memberships

– from our colonial correspondent
The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: – None

Referenda have been held on the following worlds:

Result – voted to apply to join:

Merchant Q4 T128 Venerian Republic
Bela Q6 T128 Earth Empire
Y26 Q7 T128 New Republic


News in Brief

Imperial Sentinels lose court battle in Q6

New ANDI security system stabilises GFA computer networks

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