Maps of The Universe

Human space is big, really big. You just won’t believe how mind-bogglingly huge human space is. You might think its a long way in hyperspace to Sirius, but that’s just peanuts to Human Space.

In the outer quadrants, the colony worlds run by the major political groupings represent significant financial investments, and a source of materials and trade with the home systems.

Limited only by the economic journey times, human developed space is a region about 300-360 parsecs across. Within that space, no other sentients have been found, humankind being the dominant sentient species everywhere.  The maps show only those systems suitable for human life and colonisation. For every one system shown on the map there are tens or hundreds of others unsuitable because of too deep an M25, too high radiation, no suitable planets, or some other simliar reason. Outside the mapped Quadrants, there are still more systems containing suitable worlds. These are called Sectors and all the un-named systems in these sectors contain no colonists.

Overview – The BIG picture

Human Space – the Homeworlds

Human Space – The Colonial Quadrants

Human Space – The Outer Sectors

Extra-Human Space