News of 3215 Turn 131

Turn 131: 3215.300 – 3215.349 Deaths in Main City Dateline 3215.280 Savage Land Q2 A major reactor containment failure cause over 1024 deaths in the Grande Falls suburb of Main City, Savage Land. Emergency teams of volunteer colonists have been working round the clock to recover people trapped in buildings damaged by the secondary explosions. […]

News of 3215 Turn 132

Nebok Moves To ‘Protect’ It’s Neighbour Dateline Nebok Q7 3215.341 The Nebokian Republic has announced that in order to protect the neighbouring system of The Joint from what it is calling ‘Esteeler Pirates’ it has declared that the system is now a ‘protectorate of the Nebokian Republic’. Given the very low level of the Nebokian […]

News of 3204 Turn 40

Turn 40: 3204.150 – 3204.199 Exceptional Violence Marrs Pymm Trial Dateline Earth diplomatic enclave, Asteel Q0 3204.167 Asteel was rocked by reports of a security crisis around the trial of alleged AI builder Henry Pymm. The courtroom – designated ‘Earther Space’ was guarded by elite Imperial Marines, and the entire site was further protected by […]

News of 3204 Turn 39

Turn 39: 3204.100 – 3204.149 Wolf talks to Aliens. Dateline Gorilla Q0 3204.130 Acting immediately on the arrival of the visitors a Wolf359 trade delegation has now also made contact with the alien Visitors. Speaking on the record the Wolfer spokesman compared themselves to native Americans on Earth prior to contact with Western Culture. He […]