News of 3234 Turn 210

Pasang Basnyat, the First Minister of the Earth Empire world of Nikkeldipan, has abruptly resigned, triggering a snap election. While Basnyat has not publicly disclosed the reasons behind his resignation, speculation is rife among political analysts. Some suggest that mounting pressure from unresolved economic issues and public dissatisfaction with the government’s policies may have influenced […]

News of 3234 Turn 209

Religious tensions have flared on the planet Tiel, a member of the Union of Xyon in Quadrant 7, as Buddhists express growing discontent over perceived religious discrimination. Protesters, at times resorting to violence, have voiced their grievances, alleging systemic bias and marginalization. The unrest underscores deep-seated divisions within Tiel’s diverse religious landscape, with Buddhists feeling […]

News of 3234 Turn 208

The recent major ‘fleet readiness’ exercise conducted by the Sirius Socialist Republic’s elite 1/4th Shock Fleet in the Gryt star system showcased exemplary operational preparedness and strategic prowess. Spanning over a fortnight, the exercise encompassed intricate maneuvers, simulated combat scenarios, and comprehensive equipment evaluations. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and leveraging tactical innovations, the fleet demonstrated seamless […]

News of 3234 Turn 207

In response to the crisis caused by ‘Crazy Dino Syndrome’ on planet W24, DragonAid, an organization from the New Republic, has stepped in to provide crucial humanitarian assistance. Leveraging their veterinarian expertise, they offer vital support to mitigate the disease’s impact on the reptilian megafauna herds, vital for the colony’s sustenance. Additionally, DragonAid extends food […]

News of 3233 Turn 206

“Lives In Their Hands,” the recent documentary produced by the Earth Empire Broadcasting Corporation (EEBC), offers an insightful and compelling look into the remarkable work of the Quadrant Health Organisation (QHO). This documentary, directed with finesse and precision, sheds light on the invaluable contributions of the QHO in the realms of interstellar health, pandemic control, […]

News of 3233 Turn 205

Investment from the Earth Empire has proven instrumental in mitigating the alarming effects of sudden planetary heating on Pownd’s northern continent. This climatic anomaly, seemingly unrelated to human activity, has sent temperatures soaring, leaving colonists bewildered and concerned. Although the exact cause remains elusive, experts speculate on various factors triggering the abrupt temperature rise. The […]

News of 3233 Turn 204

In a shocking turn of events, the northern continent of Pownd is grappling with an unprecedented and deadly heatwave. The normally frigid region has witnessed soaring temperatures that have left colonists in dire straits. Reports are pouring in of extreme heat-related casualties, sending shockwaves through the settlement communities. The unexpected heatwave, which scientists are struggling […]

News of 3233 Turn 203

In a daring incursion into the Earther star system of Shyling, space pirates executed a brazen raid on an orbital mining station situated within the asteroid belt. The audacious attack unfolded amidst the ongoing Warspite Incident, as the Earth Navy grappled with addressing the colossal AI warship’s presence. Exploiting the distraction caused by Warspite, these […]

News of 3232 Turn 202

Famous Earther celebrity chat-show host Peter Markinson has died at the age of 131.  Markinson’s Tri-V career spanned nealry a century and included interviews with the infamous First Minister Lee Zhang aas well as famous film stars and Alphie Potato. Tensions are rising between Perfects and naturals on Y24.  The hospital adminstration on the colony […]

News of 3232 Turn 201

Sanctuary Clinics Corporation has officially opened its new headquarters on Penii, an Earther planet in Quadrant 7. The facility, designed to combine practicality and modernity, was inaugurated with the presence of delegates from various worlds. The corporation’s focus on healthcare progress was underscored during the event. Equipped with advanced research facilities and comfortable patient care […]