News of 3216 Turn 135

Mukulists Challenge Government Ploot (q8)  Mukulists have launched a major legal challenge to the Christianist-dominated local government regarding the rights of other belief systems on Ploot.   No Confidence Vote Fells Government Dchoveny (Q6) The planetary government, itself no stranger to controversy, fell unexpectely to a no-confidence vote.  One of the main issues has been […]

News of 3216 Turn 134

150 Years In The Clear In The Clear (Q8) The Martian colony of In The Clear is celebrating the 150th anniversary of its founding in 3066.   LexCorp Executives Arrested Shi’Ar (Q0) The local government of Shi’Ar have arrested and put on trial local representatives of the Earther corporation LexCorp, claiming the guilty of corruption […]

News of 3216 Turn 133

Reactor Leak Kills 256 Binni Q0 A major containment failure has devastated one of the main cities on Binni.   Wimpey Fergusson Executives on Trial Stu Q4 The planetary government on Stu have arrested the senior representatives of Wimpey Fergusson (Wolf) on charges of corruption and malpractice.  Under Venerian law this could lead to long […]

News of 3211 Turn 98

Secessionists on the march again TINKY, Q4 Cody Fiddler, Senior Venerian Correspondent After the failure of an attempted military/political secession by several Venerian worlds in Quadrant 4 and a resultant military crackdown (see INN 3208-9) which occurred while the rest of the Universe was distracted with the Amoss Crisis in Q6, the secessionist movement appears […]

News of 3211 Turn 94

Summit marred by GFA-RNV spat GORILLA, Q0 By Henry Davenport, Diplomatic Correspondent As reports from Quadrants 6 and EJ begin to show the chilling outlines of what may be a new interstellar war against the aliens that may have constructed the Exterminators, the Interstellar Summit at Gorilla busied itself with turning the might of humanity […]