News of 3211 Turn 94

Summit marred by GFA-RNV spat GORILLA, Q0 By Henry Davenport, Diplomatic Correspondent As reports from Quadrants 6 and EJ begin to show the chilling outlines of what may be a new interstellar war against the aliens that may have constructed the Exterminators, the Interstellar Summit at Gorilla busied itself with turning the might of humanity […]

News of 3211 Turn 93

Earth to move to ‘war economy’? Sol, Q0 By Collaterlie Sisters We have learned that First Minister Ashanti is private talks with important senate figures and industrialists on the issue of nationalising certain key industries. With another wave of Exterminators upon us, it seems he has a plan to create what is being described as […]

News of 3210 Turn 90

Potato’s Star Loses Its Shine Dateline Asteel Q0 3210.300 Barbara Wintergreen, Asteel Correspondent Star Party candidate Alphonse ‘Alfie’ Potato has been returned for a historic third term as GFA President, but the indications from the polls are that even his near-miraculous run in the mercurial world of Esteeler politics may be coming to its end. […]

News of 3210 Turn 89

Potato Struggles Against The Odds Dateline Asteel Q0 3210.150 Political shockwaves are reverberating around Asteel as the results from the Odd Quadrants come in. That Potato took his old quadrant, Q5 in a landslide came as no surprise – Q3 fell to him as expected. Former outsider Miller took his heartland quadrant Q1, again as […]

News of 3210 Turn 86

Miller Challenges Potato for Hexagon Dateline Asteel Q0 3210.050 Senator Morris W. “Mo” Miller, An Esteeler Senator from Packhard has launched a strong challenge to the Potato electoral steamroller in his ‘storming’ speech at New Gettisbourg (see here for transcript), Miller is a member of a local Packhard party, the Conservative Party of Packhard. Miller […]

News of 3210 Turn 85

Deaths in mine protest Dateline 3209.371 Earharts Q3 Twenty people have been shot dead by security forces during a protest against eeh Weygand Corporation mining red mercury on Earharts Q3, witnesses have said. Hundreds of people are reported to have been wounded, many of them seriously, during the clashes in the mining town of Duran’s […]