News of 3207 Turn 68

Horror as Terror Strikes Masada

Dateline Masada Q0, 3207.355

Thousands of citizens fled in terror from the smoking ruins of office buildings in the four cities of Novonablus, Sunshine City, Tanstaafl Town and Masada City as huge explosions demolished large sections of them. Terrorist bombs, three in vehicles and one in an apparent suicide attack by a flyer loaded with explosives, have caused over 1,200 civilian deathsand several thousands of injuries in the worst terrorist outrage in the history of the colony.
Police and emergency services were very quick to react and thanks to their stirling efforts many lives were saved. Immediately following the attacks, a number of arrests were made. The Police and Government are not saying much yet – presumably pending the investigations – but unofficial sources are suggesting this is the work of religious extremists. A group calling itself the ‘Arm of God’ has claimed responsibility – but nobody here seems to know much about them.
In the meantime, the damaged areas of the cities have been cordoned off, and additional security measures are in place – a state of emergency having been declared accross the planet.

Dino ‘Flu Outbreak Kills 17

Dateline 3207.333 Pastpers Q1

A major outbreak of so-called Dino ‘flu in the megadon herds on the central plains region has passed to humans, causing a epidemic outbreak in rural communities. Medical services are said to be ‘at full stretch’, as vaccine stocks have proved to be inadequate. Already 17 people have died – mainly the very young and very old – but observers are expecting more deaths in the coming days. Sirian authorities maintain that there are sufficient stocks of vaccine, but that the Regional Medical Council had failed to properly complete the requisite requisition application notes, subsection 91b, and that additional resources would be made available as soon as a meeting of the provisional regional medical emergency sub-committee had been properly convened.

Sirius Troops Surrender on Amoss

Dateline Amoss Q6 3207.304

After serious fighting between local People’s Storm Militia of the Von Strucker government and Sirian colonial ground forces, the Sirian ground commander, General Boog Dampton, surrendered his command. Observers say that the presence of Earther capital ships in close orbit was a significant factor in the surrender. General Dampton’s troops were rounded up, and there were some allegations of mistreatment of prisoners by the People’s Storm Militia – and at the request of the surviving Sirian colonial authorities on Amoss, the prisoners safety was guaranteed by Earth and the GFA. Prisoners have now been loaded into a GFA transport for safe passage and repatriation at the Sirian colonial capital on Long. Governer Hu’bar of the Sirian Q6 government was not available for comment – though the official line of the SSR here in Q6 is “We’ll be back”.

Knesset In Flames

Dateline 3207.341 Quoheleth Q1

Fires at the Quoheleth Knesset building took over two days to bring under control following a dramatic fire-bomb attack. Initial reports are indicating that a group of Orthodox extremists may be responsible. The local Knesset has been the scene of stormy debates recently as the minority Right Thinking Party has attempted to force through major changes in social legislation based on Orthodox Talmudic Law. Liberals have been vehemently opposing the proposed changes – claiming that this will drive the Union into a ‘New Dark Age’. Security services have been active following the bombings, and over 200 arrests have been made.

Religious Terror Challenges Commonwealth

Dateline Scott Q5, 3207.311

Armed Clewgist rebels are engaged in street fighting against Wolfer troops in the colonial city of Erebus, on this important Q5 world. Reports are coming in of the deployment of Starship Marines from HMS Harbinger (a heavy cruiser stationed in the system) to help local security forces quell the violence. Government reports are saying that this is the work of dangerous off-world subversive elements, “clandestinely encouraged and supported by one or more ‘foreign powers'” – though the spokesperson refused to be drawn on what that might mean. Under current reporting restrictions it is difficult to assess the precise position, but unconfirmed reports say that the fighting is severe, and there have been many casualties and a lot of property damage. There has been a history of difficulty with Clewgists on the Southern Continent, ever since the colony was unified over 50 years ago – and the predominantly Clewgist region was the last to sign up to the planetary government. Remote mountain and forest areas are reported to be hold-outs for some very independently-minded communities, even now not really touched by the’ civilising influence’ of the Commonwealth.

Street Clashes Cause Concern

Dateline Fornever Q5, 3207.320

Major street disurbances have caused the local police security forces to declare a curfew in the city of New Atlantis on the prosperous world of Fornever. Disputes have grown in recent years between the New Davidian majority religion and the minority Zen Buddhist community. Matters came to a head recently when a Buddhist funeral procession was interrupted by gangs of New Davisdian youths. This led to represals and before long the city was in uproar. Reports coming in that several battalions of GF troops are supporting the local police, while the colonial government is attempting to broker peace talks between the two communities. In the meantime there continues to be sporadic sectarian violence.

Gupta Accused of Breach of Contract

Dateline 3207.322 Teria Q4

Controversial prelate, Brahmin Gupta of the radical Association of Scientific Hindus, has been preaching in favour of increased computerisation of Centauri life.
This has got him into hot water under the pretty strict regulatons (or ‘contracts’ in Centauri space) which limit the dissemination of pro-AI or computer propaganda. Gupta has gained many followers here suggesting that Centauri colony worlds are being held back by their “blinkered adherence to past events” and chiding the colonial authorities for their lack of vision. The local planetary CEO said “well, look, of course Brahmin Gupta can say what he pleases up to a point – but this is just silly. According to the approval ratings data less than 1.7% of the population agree with him. Still he really ought not to say these things – AI are dangerous.

Jolly Reverend Doctor Elbert Bain Dies

Dateline Big Red, Q7 3207.331

The Church of Elvis here on Big Red is going through a period of mourning as its most famous leader, Bishop Bain died aged 146. Bain was one of the original colonists and was responsible for establishing the Church of Elvis here in Q7. A pious man, he was renowned for his rendition of the much-loved classic hymn “Its now or never” – so much so that it become a sort of theme-tune for him. He was also known for his trenchant sermons and ability to rouse the moral conscience of a congregation. His life was not without controversy though. He was briefly subject to investigation over fundraising, but it was subsequently established that the money was only ‘resting’ in his personal account. In recent years he has been a vocal supporter of President Potato – though in his latter years he was often confused and was known to refer to the President as “That Micky Mouse Disney-Boy”. He was criticised in his early life for his uncharitable remarks about the Venerian Republic and the Sirians – and his determinedly politically incorrect language often made him a hate-figure for those communities in Q7. Bishop Bain’s funeral is expected to be largest in the history of the Big Red colony.

No Confidence Disrupts Colony

Dateline Boldre Q7, 3207.341

Struggling colony on Boldre suffered a further setback when the member planetary colonies voted out the current Chair in an unprecedented vote of ‘no confidence’ in the management of the planet by the Planetary Council. Splits had been evident between the outgoing Chair Aurelia Boyle and her northern rivals led by the charismatic Margo Seymour. Seymour, representing the association of Northern Colonies has been outspoken about Mulder’s position, its relatively lacklustre leadership, and its inability to attract inward investment. This move may cause the southern colonies, who broadly support Boyle, to withdraw cooperation from the Council – thus rendering the whole Council impotent and further damaging confidence in the future of the colony as a whole. Boyle said “Well its looks as though Seymour and her cronies are doing the Exterminators job all over again” – a reference to the destruction of a previous colony on Boldre during the first Exterminator War.


Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda:
Deadlock Q1, Awakening Q1, Lashdose Q1

Referenda have been held on the following worlds:
Z16 has voted to join the Eastern Defence Blok in Q7.
Z164 has voted to approach the Earth Empire in Q8 for membership
The following worlds have voted against holding a referenda on giving up their independence: None.

Potato Homecoming Welcomed

Dateline 3207.350 Asteel Q0

Viewing figures for the arrival of the presidential yacht in Asteel orbit are reported to break all records, and media channels even rescheduled the popular soap “Cohabitees” for the first time in the show’s 56 year history. The President’s popularity has grown as a result of his successful foreign diplomacy. Even respected senator Dixon M Nichard, representative of the opposition Reform Party group in the Senate said “Potato is cutting an impressive figure on the interstellar stage – we may not agree with him, but I’ve got to admire his balls.”
Senator Nichard was speaking as the Senate was about to vote on a range of rather dull constitutional changes aimed at streamlining governmental electoral processes.


Heinlein officially removed – RExCom to nominate new President

Dateline 3207.351 New Venus Q0

On the anniversary of the disappearance of Venerian President Heinlein, the Republican Executive Committee (RExCom) has voted to formally remove him from office.
The move has provoked what experienced RExComologists are calling an ‘unprecedented’ behind the scenes power
struggle as the Committee meets to nominate a new President for the Republican Committee to ratify.
Although RExCom’s nomination is traditionally “unanimous”, arriving at unanimity can be a long and painful process. Vice President Andrei Kudriavy is seen as the heir to Heinlein’s modernising tradition and the favourite to succeed him, while conservatives are reportedly rallying behind popular Defence Minister and Exterminator War heroine Admiral Erika
von Daniken. With the influential Moral Affairs Minister Han Fei Tsu yet to declare his hand, and rumours of discontent from some Colonial representatives, the future direction of the Venerian Republic is still very much up for grabs.

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