News of 3214 Turn 118

Nightmare on Sirius

Dateline 3214.072 Sirius Q0

Disturbing news is coming in of an utter catastrophe in the capital city of Sirius, Marx City. Reports have been received of an horrific nuclear explosion right in the city centre. Civilian casualties were heavy, with over 512 citizens killed before they could reach deep shelters. Several city blocks were leveled in what is being described by the authorities as a ‘necessary urgent demolition’. The last few days have been ones of intense tension marked by the arrival of 55 heavily-armed warships from a Martian-led combined Martian – Earther fleet. Details are sketchy, but it would seem this operation had something to do with an alleged Sentient AI crisis, apparently located on Sirius itself.

Shortly prior to the arrival of the combined fleet a classified government orbital was also destroyed by nuclear detonation. Details of this event remain highly classified, apparently, though the explosion lit up the night skies of Sirius. Government sources suggest, unofficially, that the orbital headquarters of the SSR’s intelligence services was destroyed.

Following negotiations with President Ryszard Kapushinski, the Sirian authorities cooperated with landings by Earther and Martian ground forces “… in accordance with the principles of the Stickney accord…”. According to surviving eyewitnesses, Earther forces occupied the Ministry of Agriculture in downtown Marx City, and shortly afterward the whole area was evacuated, followed by the nuclear explosion.

INN attempted to obtain a statement from the head of the prestigious Asimov Institute on the allegations of a sentient AI, but Director Shree Gandhi remains unavailable for comment.

Reports came in that the entire area around the Asimov Institute was also cordoned off by Martian Ground Troops.

Shortly after the explosion in Marx City, Earther ground forces withdrew to orbit. Martian ground forces remain and are cooperating with Sirian Government Agencies in a clean up operation.

“For the Greater Good” President Kapushinski said in a public statement “..Citizens, we have lived through a very difficult eight days where the very existence of our beloved Motherworld has been at risk. Thanks to the correct thinking and brave action of the Politbureau total disaster has been averted, and whilst regrettable, the damage to Marx City has been for the greater good in removing a dire threat to our Republic”. The President went on to commend the work of Admiral Gu-An San-Martin the Minister of Defence. Of Director Gandhi of the Asimov Institute he said “…Director Gandhi is a person of outstanding integrity – he has at all times maintained the best traditions of Sirian Science, however, in the wave of recent events he is taking a well-earned rest and is currently on an extended sabbatical…”.


Martian Home Fleet Mobilises

Dateline New Mars Q0 3214.020.

News is coming in that the Martian Home Fleet has left New Mars for a destination unknown. The absence of any press statement is causing considerable concern, as the last time this happened it presaged a major Roach attack. This, together with rumours of fleet movements by the Earth Empire, the Venerian Republic, the SSR and the GFA makes seasoned military reporters somewhat nervous.

No reports are coming in of attacks on any human world, so the reason for this widespread deployment of humanity’s fleets remains a cause for concern.

Our reporter was able to get a comment from Colonel Steele of the SHC press office of the Supreme Humanity Command. “We have no knowledge of any combat operations impending, and according the SHC intelligence, there have been no attacks by hostile aliens. It is not unusual for national fleets to conduct maneuvers. Rest assured that is there are any major fleet combat operations impending, we would know about it first. It says so in the treaty,”

Federated Worlds Celebrate

Dateline Lamster Q1 3214.030

The formal creation of the Federated Worlds of the Outer Quadrants was celebrated in fine style here on Lamster with parades, street parties and a dramatic pacifier flypast.

The newly elected charismatic President Jackson made a stirring inaugural speech in which he extolled the “Frontier Spirit of the outer quadrants” and went on to make veiled criticisms of the established major powers as being ossified and unable to respond to the real needs of the outer quadrants.

This, following the successful intervention of Federated Worlds forces in bringing peace to T301, and their highly active anti-piracy patrols is making the FWOQ a major regional player in Quadrant 1.

Political Crisis Paralyses Sirius

Dateline 3214.015 Gryt Quadrant 7

Reports are clear that the leadership of Governor Al-Fexit of the SSR is coming under increasing strain following yet another catastrophic incident in the war that he declared on the New Republic. Internal sources are suggesting that there will be a major internal restructuring of the politbureau in Q7, the internal political infighting being a familiar pastime of the ruling elite of the SSR.

Observers are suggesting that Al-Fexit is very likely to be ousted (and not for the first time), and the front runner to take over the key role of Chairperson and Governor is the dynamic Hendrik BorgiaHenrik Borgia, formerly the Chief Librarian at the Institute of Socialism on Sirius itself. He came out to Q7 only a few years ago, and rumour has it his brief was to keep an eye on the wayward Governor Gem Al-fexit for President Kaminsky.

Lights are burning late in the State Buildings on Gryt – now is the time for more reasoned leadership than Al-Fexit, and many wonder where this will all end?

Henrik Borgia

(Footnote: Chief Librarian is a key political role on Sirius, for complex and historical reasons)

Armstrong Welcomes Reformation of Solar Scouts

Dateline Weygand Q6 3214.045

Foreign Minister Armstrong of the Earth Empire has publicity welcomed the news of the reformation of the old Solar Scouts, in Quadrant 6. He said “I’m delighted, this shows that the Empire still has all its old strength and vigour – well done!”

Some 200 years after their disbandment on Earth, the Solar Scouts have been reformed in Quadrant 6, and are proving to be very popular with the young people of the quadrant. Originally formed by Lord Beyden Breykfurst on Earth during difficult time of the old Solar Republic, the idea back then was to equip young people with the mental an physical toughness to serve the Republic in distant colonial worlds. Reformed on Weygand by Earther entrepreneur and philanthropist Sir Buckminster Rogers, the principles originally espoused have been revived and modernised – each new Solar Scout promises:

“On my honour, I will do my best, to do my duty to The Emperor and to Earth. To help other people at all times, to obey the Solar Scout Law, and to keep myself physically strong, mentally agile, and morally correct.”

Activities are encouraged that would have been recognised by Lord Beyden all those centuries ago – including strenuous physical activity, military-style drills and exercises, martial arts, wargames, and spacewalks. Sir Buckminster said “..y’now, this is a jolly spiffing time to be young and in the Empire – there is a lot to do and the younger generation will be the ones to do it. The Solar Scouts will give them direction and the hand of firm adult guidance during their formative years. I have no doubt it will give them backbone and toughness that The Empire is going to need.”

News in Brief

Rackham promoted to Admiral of the White

Reactor leak kills 64 on Fresh Air

Freak tidal wave kills 128 on Hap

Border skirmishes break out on the North Continent of Blutrot

T461 ravaged by extreme storms

Religious conflict on T64

“Invisible alien killed my pet dino” strange tales from R68

Miners’ Strike violence on Novo Maria

Transhuman Pride march attracts over 65,565 on New Draconis

Sirian team wins Spaceball Championship

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