News of 3212 Turn 104

Devastation on Oa

Dateline 3212.119 OA Q1

The authorities of Kilowogg City on OA were reeling as their emergency services were stretched to the limits by a massive containment failure on one of the city’s fusion reactors. The explosion that destroyed Number 7 Power Plant killed 32 power workers and damaged farm and light industrial buildings within a 10 kilometre radius. Radiological clean-up crews are working around the clock to minimise the longer-term environmental impact, and the city drafted in medical and other services from cities all over the planet. A spokesperson for the Kilowogg Green Beacon Power Company say “This has been a black night for us. This plant has been operating safely since the colony was settled, and there was no sign of any safety problems”. Citizens of Kilowogg remain skeptical and there have been accusations of sloppy health and safety procedures at the plant.

Joice Being Bullied?

Dateline 3212.136 Joice Q6

Colonists on Joice, Q6 have been raising protests with the Imperial Earth government in Q6 regarding the activities of what they are calling ‘right-wing agitators’ in their struggling independent colony. There has been a large influx of colonists from Macross and Blenda who have, it is alleged, been using violence and intimidation to attempt to take control of the fledgling colony’s governmental apparatus. The Colonial Diet of Joice has been holding emergency crisis meetings amid growing chaos, as Diet Representatives have been threatened and even attacked by unknown assailants. A spokesperson for the recently formed Right Way Party said “This is fearmongering by the apparatchiks of the existing ruling cabal of berserker-lovers and interstellar Big corporations. The ordinary citizen is fed up with their corruption and wants a government that is firm, that is strong and that speaks for the People”. The Chair of the Diet responded, saying “See? That is what we’re up against. It is the sort of rhetoric that is all too common in the Earth Empire these days.”

Tsunami Terror

Dateline 3212.140 Class Chat Q1

A massive tidal wave has devastated settlements and industry on the east coast of Grand Continent on Class Chat, Q1. The seismic activity that caused the wave was unprecedented, and geological scientists are urgently studying the tectonic impact of this event, as well as refining their models of the planet’s crust. All of this is scant comfort for the colonists in Class Chat who have been struggling to create a viable colony for many years not. Reports are coming in of a growing humanitarian crisis in the affected area, and there is concern that the death toll is likely to grow in the aftermath of this event.

Think Tank Accuses Potato Campaign of Brainwashing

Dateline 3212.163 Disney World Q0

A social think-tank, the Independent Analysis Society has published a report that is highly critical of President Potato and his campaign tactics. Whilst the overt campaigning in the last election was above-board and within the rules governing elections in the GFA, the report concerns research carried out that suggests the increasingly popular Potato Fan Club may have been involved in extremely subtle efforts to covertly influence voters. Stopping short of any accusations of actual ‘brainwashing’, the report lists a range of clever social manipulation techniques that were alleged to have tipped the balance for Potato. A spokesperson for the administration on DIsney World said “Well this is typical pseudoscientific mumbo-jumbo. The Potato campaign has done nothing wrong. This report is fundamentally flawed – it is almost as if some people can’t accept that someone of humble origins, who touches the common folk, can become so popular with the electorate”.

‘Anti-Social’ Arrests

Dateline 3212.133 TINKY Q4

Following what is being described as a ‘subversive and anti-social gatherings’ in several cities on the Venerian colony of Tinky, the local colonial police made over 6,400 arrests, most for what are described as ‘offences against good behaviour and decency’. The police crackdown seems to have been initiated by the Quadrant 4 Liberation Organisation, which has been a thorn in the side of the new administration in Q4 following the abortive secession attempt three years ago. There have been reporting restrictions, but it seems that the Q4LO is still pushing for the replacement of the quadrant Governors and a return to Heinleinist Principles.

Training Accident Kills 50

Stardate 3212.161 Shi’Ar Q0

The LONAW member Shi’ar’s newly formed fleet has suffered the greatest loss of life in its short history following a collison between two ships whilst on a major in-system exercise. The SGS Cassandra was very badly damaged and lost 32 crew in the incident, which involved a high-veocilty collision with another un-named vessel.

A spokesperson for the Shi’ar Guard said “…we are all deeply saddened by this incident. The fleet was on a routine exercise to intercept and deflect some cometary debris – a routine matter really – when the the collision accured. It was a one-in-a-million incident and it could not have been anticipated. A number of other personnel died in related shuttle accidents and reaction leaks. Most notable among the casualties was Colonel Aktins of the General Staff, who was observing the exercise, and Doctor Richards of the Shi’ar Institute of Engineering, who was assisting with some techncial matters.

President Lilandra declared a day of public mourning. In a stement she said “Our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones. This is the inevitable price independent worlds end up paying to ensure they protect their independence against Imperialist and Interstellar bully-boy tactics of some polities. Those who died were true patriots.”


Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: Red Spot Q6, Z133 Q7

Referenda have been held on the following worlds:

Result – voted to apply to join:

S97 Q0 T103 LONAW
Slagen Q1 T103 Venerian Republic
Crux AG T103 GFA
Misstur Q6 T103 Earth Empire

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