News of 3213 Turn 109

In-Human Rights Abuse?

Dateline Shi’ar Q0 3213.010

The story of conspiracy grows on Shi’ar as new accusations are coming in of a major government cover-up of captured aliens. Following a major piece of investigative journalism by the Solar Guardian, the are allegations that the government of Shi’ar not only encountered a newly discovered alien species, but killed hundreds of them and incarcerated many more at a secret location. The Shi’ar government has expressed foreign journalists on charges of spying for the Earth Empire. They claim that this is just another part of the long-running an concerted campaign to discredit them. However, the journalists concerned are from a reputable news service not prone to sensational conspiracy theories. The SG journalists claim to have interviewed scientists who were present for the events of earlier this year (though they wish to remain anonymous to protect their academic careers). If this is true than is it possible for a minor independent word to have not only initiated first contact with a new species, but to have, in effect, declared war on them at the same time? The story claims that a huge alien starship entered the system and was destroyed by the Shi’ar fleet. The ship was reportedly many times larger than any human ship and of a completely alien design – the report includes an artist’s impression of the ship.

Campaigning Heats Up In The EDB

Dateline New Draconis Q0 3212.390

The final stages of the creation of a new state is reaching its climax as electoral campaigning gets into high gear on New Draconis, the de-facto capital world of the Eastern Defence Bloc – soon to become ‘The New Republic’.

The main contenders for the president and chancellor roles come from two newly-created political parties, the Democratic Republican Party, which is made up mainly of New Draconians, and the Greater Prosperity Party, which is strong on Gorgon and Legend. It is currently a very close race, and political tensions are high. Charles Forty, the DRP presidential nomination said in one speech “If freedom is short of weapons, we must compensate with willpower” – this was taken to be a coded reference to the EDB’s military buildup of recent years. His GPP opponent, Elaine Harpy of Gorgon said “It is only by concentrating on our collective wealth-creation that The New Republic will be sustainable”. The polls will be in early 3213, and whatever the outcome a new regional power will be born.

Disney World Under Attack! – The Exterminators Have Returned

Dateline Disney World Q0 3213.001

Terrifying reports have come in of an attack on one of the the Esteeler homeworlds, Disney World in Quadrant 0. Reports indicate that this attack consists of two Exterminator Super Battleships. This is the second time Disney has been attacked by Exterminators, as it was one of the few worlds visited by them during the First War. All contact has been lost with the system. Departing merchant ships are reporting that the system’s orbital stations have been destroyed, though the GFAN has not confirmed this.

The Hexagon has issued a statement which says that “we can confirm that everything is being done to meet the threat, but that the situation for Disney World is grave”. Commodore Lennox-Brown of the Joint Allied Command said “..yes well of course this is a jolly rum situation – but we have plans in place you know…oh my word yes. They won’t get away with this, you mark my words.” According to our defence correspondent, Katherine Golightly, the GFA have followed a policy of lightening defences of homeworlds in quadrant zero in favour of more powerful mobile fleets. The local defences of two interplanetary carriers and an interplanetary destroyer were mothballed some years ago – although it should be noted that they would of little use against two enemy Super Battleships. The Disney local Senate has been developing civilian survival bunkers for the last decade, but time will tell whether they will be able to avoid civilian casualties in the millions. Other major powers have remained surprisingly silent on the subject, with the notable exception of the MAFC. Senator Banderas said, in an early public statement said “…our thoughts and prayers are with the people of the GFA at this time. Whatever history divides us, it is nothing compared to our common bond of humanity.”

What is clear is that three Esteeler battle fleets are on their way to Disney World, and all our prayers are with their arrival in time, even though they are many decadays away.

President Alphie Potato saw one of the fleets off from Asteel high orbit, and has vowed to remain in marine armour in solidarity with the crew and marines of the fleet until the crisis has passed.

Humanity Will Prevail!

Blue Hat Colony Commences ‘Self Defence’ Offensive

Dateline T301 Q1 3212.380

The Independence First Alliance on T301 has been fighting a desperate defensive battle against a massive offensive into the disputed Sigil Hills region. In the first ten days of operations much of the infrastructure of the region is in Blue Hat hands – however, the IFA have announced their intention to fight back to regain their territory. The Blue Hat forces do not seem to be limiting their operations to the contested mining areas alone. Their air forces have caused considerable civilian casualties outside the region – although the Blue Hatters claim that they were surgically targeting only military and military-industrial targets. The Blue Hat operations are being justified in order to defend themselves from IFA aggressive raids into the territory. There is no sign of the fighting abating any time soon.

Old Mars Conference

Dateline Old Mars, Sol System Q0 3212.400

The academic great and the good from Old Mars, New Mars and Earth congregated, amid heavy security, at the University of Old Mars’ Department of Political Science for the first major academic conference on the future of Old Mars, ‘Unravelling the Helix’.

One of the keynote speakers was Drakkir Hands, the grand old man of Martian politics. It was clear from his speech (which was well received by the largely Martian audience) that he was looking to start a dialogue with Earth on some sort of lasting agreement, but seemed flexible as to what that agreement might look like.

From the point of view of Supreme Councilor Banderas, and the Interstellar Coordination Committee, the main issue will inevitably be not to look like selling out to the separatists, or stitching up the loyalists. Senator Cornelius (the Martian Minister for War) is already known privately to feel that there is no military value to Old Mars, and he is not alone in the current Martian Government.

In the end, the issues will come down to pragmatic matters – will the separatists be convinced to hand over their guns? Observers are suggesting that this is a once in a generation opportunity for the people of Old Mars, and Hands, at least, believes it would be wrong to let it slip past. But since Hands is now Martian Ambassador to Earth, he might also carry the can for any agreement that goes wrong.

The attitude of the Earther authorities remains cool and their Earther academics attending concentrated on historical analysis and restatements of the Earther position (that Old Mars is historically a keystone of the old Solar Republic).

There are reports of conversations ‘behind closed doors’ in the margins of this seminal conference, but of their content we know little, as yet.


Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: None

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Z155 Q8 T108 FWA

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