News of 3198 Turn Minus 10

News of 3198
Turn -10: 3198.050 – 3198.099


Quadrant 7. Grid 648112. Stardate 3198.016
Admiral ‘Exterminator Killer’ Burwasher, commanding a reinforced Task Group 7, pounced on a threatening Exterminator just outside the M25 of Dyme. The enemy was critically damaged and beaten off, hopefully never to return.

Battle of Senta

Quadrant 5, Grid 666883, Stardate 3198.003
As the fleet was positioning itself for the battle of Yendor, it received reports of another attack, 36 parsecs away at Senta. Admiral Shumilov, taking the hard decision of not reacting immediately, continued to win the battle of Yendor – then immediately burned for the M25 and Senta. The fleet was still very weak from its previous battles, having had no reinforcement from the Home Systems. This made the battle now a desperate one, with very heavy losses. Nevertheless the Exterminator was destroyed. Although a resounding victory, this has left the entire combined fleet in Q5 virtually out of action for the foreseeable future.

Martian Colonies Dig In

Q7 Stardate 3198.030

More and more colony worlds are diverting resources to digging deep shelters for essential services. Shortages exist in key areas of building materials and various types of life support machinery.

Total Ecipse Causes Panic Across Earth

Dateline Sol 3198.060
Millions have been panic buying supplies and fleeing cities as rumours spread across Earth that the total eclipse was part of some bizarre alien weapon system. Despite assurances from the First Ministerand the First Citizen – people have been reaching to the news from the colonies of alien attack by an unknown force – many claiming that the government has been covering up the full extent of the crisis. Many food stors have had their shelves cleared, and roads out of cities have been clogged for many days. Police authorities are expected to call upon the military forc crowd control if the situation does not improve soon.

Martian Reinforcements for Q7

Q7 Stardate 3198.010.

Reports from Xynam, colonial capital of the Martian Colonies report that fleet reinforcements have arrived. These consist of 1 Battleship (ODIN) , 7 Carriers (ARCHANGEL, BEHEMOTH, COMMISSAR, DEFIANT, DOMINATRIX, SOVEREIGN, SUZERAIN), 2 Heavy Cruisers (FURY, PHOENIX) , 3 Destroyers (BANSHEE, BACKLASH, BLATANT) and 5 LSSIs (PHOBOS, OLYMPUS MONS, SVERNAYA, UTOPIA, PLANATIA, YAKUTIA).

Local Alliance Ratified

Q7 Stardate 3198.005.

Sirian Colonial Government and the Earther Colonial Government have today ratified a military alliance in the face of the Exterminator Threat. They are apparently planning some combined operations soon. Public text here.

Centauri Commit to the War

Q7 Stardate 3198.001.

Reports from Mald 2, Centauran colonial capital, that they are sending ‘significant military resources’ to aid the war effort in the Earther Alliance.

Earth Reinforces Q7

Q7 Stardate 3198.001.

Reports from the Colonial Captial, Dolha, that Task Group 10, from Home System has arrived to provide reinforcement to the colony. This is a significant force from the Imperial Strategic Reserve and is a sign of how seriously the Empire is taking the threat. The bad news is – there are no more reinforcements after this. TG10 consists of: 2 Battleships (SHAKA, THATCHER), 2 Heavy Cruisers (CALLIOPE, D’ARTAGNAN), 2 Carriers (DIGRIZ, SADAHORI), 3 Destroyers (BANJUL, BISSAU, CONAKRY), 2 Assault Landing Ships (BRUCE LEE, MARIO), and 4 Logs Ships (OHRE, ORWELL, PARAGUAY, PENOBSCOT).

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