News of 3197 Turn Minus 11

Industrial Orbital Wrecked in Freak Accident.

Dateline Marque Q7 3197.386

Reports have come in of a freak system failure on the industrial fabrication orbital owned by Buma Industries Corporation. The installlation, which was contracted to the Imperial Government to manufacture specialist high tech agricultural parts for the farming industries on Marque suffered what the company are calling ‘multiple system failures’ which resulted in a number of fatalities. The station has been closed, and may well be dismantled. There are unconfirmed reports that members of the crew of the nearby ESS Agamemnon assisted the stricken orbital.

Battle of Baldar

Quadrant 7. Grid 637064. StarDate 3197.396

Based on information received concerning Earther tactics, a massive, high intensity attack was made, with widespread use of nuclear weapons whereever possible. The fleet encountered the Exterminators who had been bombarding Baldar colony and had already destroyed Baldar Station. The firepower from one of the Exterminators was less than expected, although still formidable, and is is suspected that this one may have been damaged in some previous fight. The Admiral ordered a concentration of fire on the damaged Exterminator, and after an extremely costly battle managed to completely destroy it. The other Exterminator, although damaged, was able to escape the system, and given the losses of the fleet, the Acting Admiral Peabody chose to let it go rather than risk further losses in a pursuit. Having bravely led the fleet into action, Fleet Admiral Kim Stanley-Robinson was killed when the INVINCIBLE blew up with all hands in the final stages of the battle.

Battle of Doggie

Quadrant 6. Grid 636972. StarDate 3197.369

Earther Task Group 11, commanded by Admiral L Phillips, engaged as Exterminator as it engaged the colony. The fleet approached cautiously and engaged at long range with heavy units. These quickly started to take damage, and the pacifiers proved inadequate against the Shadows. The Admiral ordered the Battleships to engage more closely, but the Exterminator firepower caused significant damage. The Exterminator then seemed to break up, but the segments continued to engage independently. The Admiral decided that maintaining the fleet was more important than defeating the enemy, and withdrew to Weygand. Plans for the evacuation of all essential personnel from Weygand are in hand. The situation in the quadrant is not good.

Battle of Yendor

Quadrant 5, Grid 644852, Stardate 3197.357

Following the victory at Trucker, Admiral Shumilov, influenced by information from Martian scouting forces, calculated that the enemy that destroyed the Xyonist colonies of DRAZI and DUBAI would be entering Martian space in the near future. Thus moving the entire Combined Fleet to the Martian Colonial Capital at MARTI. It wasn’t long before the nearby colony of Yendor was calling for help. Using her now well established surprise tactics, Shumiov led the depleted Combined Fleet bravely into action against yet another ESB. This time the battle was less one-sided, but superior firepower told in the end. The ESB was utterly annihilated.

Earth Alliance with Sirians

Q7 Stardate 3197.380

Diplomatic sources indicate that the Earth Empire have tentatively offered a full military alliance to the Sirian Colonies. The Sirians are ‘considering their position’.

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