News of 3201 Turn 19

Piracy ‘Licked’ in Quadrant 3

Local Dataline Q3 – 3201.289

The new ULTRON system for counter piracy has virtually eliminated space piracy in Quadrant 3 – this startling new report was presented at a special pan-quadrant Anti-Piracy Seminar held at Chakan. Attendees were senior personnel from all space Navies in the quadrant, as well as security experts from all the major shipping corporations, and a large number of representatives from independent systems.

The moditoring and evaluation of the new system indicates that it is highly successful at anticipating pirate activity and movement. Scientists working on the evaluation reported its accuracy as ‘uncanny’. Local governors are reported to be planning a ‘Victory Over Piracy Day’ later this year, which will involved a massive flypast of warships from many nations, and a quadrant-wide public holiday.

Critics compain that the main effect of the new system has been to force pirates to move into the neighbouring quadrants – they are glumly predicting a big upsurge in pirate activity in the coming year.

Rathbone Greets A Potato on State Visit

Stardate 3201.342 to 3201.358 – Sol System Q0

There was much ceremony as Earth hosted a state visit from the new President of the GFA, Alphonse Potato. The President is reported to have had a reception with the First Citizen followed by a traditional State Barbeque. This is seen as significant, since this is the first Head of State visit between the GFA and Earth for over 111 years. As usual, the details of these talks have not yet been released, but they are thought to centre around spheres of influence, trade and agriculture. [also: My Diary – by A.Potato]

Penii Capital Free From Lockdown at Last

Local Dateline 3201.265 – Penni, Quadrant 7

Readers may recall reports over the last couiple of years of the infestation of the capital city of Penii (Q7) by a previously unknown species of carnivorous subterranean raptor. The Earther GF forces had been unable to eradicate this threat, which had infested the sewers of the city. Despite continual operations, the city has been under and effective seige for the past two years, as the GF attempt to curtail outbreaks of these highly dangerous creatures from their underground lairs. Attempts to gas them out, or use biological weapons had failed – as had storming the drains with GF troops.

The Imperial colonial authorities finally assembled a crack ‘Marine Division’ (only the fourth time in history such a formation has been created) under Colonial Admiral Cho. Rumours have abounded that this force was spearheaded by the (in)famous 130th Regiment (of Rok fame), led by the equally semi-mythical Colonel Killgore. Official sources have been typically close-mouthed about the exact force levels employed – but it seems nearly 1000 starship marines, and 3,000 GF special forces were involved in a two-week campaign to clear the sewers of the city. Losses were said to be considerable, up to 230 marines and around 400 GF are believed to have been taken casualties. Preliminary reports on the operation are that the sewers have been cleaned out – and the bodies of over 3,000 raptors recovered – and an estimated further 3,00-5,000 were destroyed in a huge underground ‘nest’ which was destroyed by high explosives and thermite.

The system Governor, Sir Henry Hicks said “You have no idea how relieved we are that this nightmare is now, finally, over – you know we were reaching the stage where we were ready to take off and nuke the whole city from orbit just to be sure – we were getting that desperate.”

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