News of 3201 Turn 20

Earth Forces Pacify Free Republic

Dataline Binni Q0 Stardate 3201.377

Reports are coming in of a startling raid by large Earther forces on the rogue colony known as the Free Republic of Binni. The capital, Bradley and a number of other cities of the colony were the subject of a terrifying assault by a complete Earther GF division, supported by space fighters and warships. In a lightling surprise attack, involving the occupation of the system Orbital by Earther Marines as well as landing of thousands of GF troops – almost all of the key personnel of the current ruling regime have been either arrested or killed by Earth forces – reports of over 2,000 arrests and several hundred casualties (almost entirely among members of the hated Republican Guard Militia Units).
Despite talking tough over the last few months, the Ancongo Regime seems to have melted away – many of their troops appear to have dumped their uniforms and weapons and just gone home. Threats of using nuclear weapons seem not to have materialised. Currently, Earther forces are mopping up minor resistance and dealing with widespread lawlessness in Bradley and other cities. President Ancongo is currently unaccounted for, though a thorough search of the remains of the Presidential Palace is ongoing. Large numbers of colonists are now seeking protection from Earth forces.

Earth forces Abandon Binni to Chaos

Dateline Binni Q0 3201.399

Following their Lightning Invasion, and their failure to capture Ezikiel Ancongo, the Earth forces have made a hasty withdrawal from Binni. This has left utter chaos, looting, rape arson and mass murder in its wake. Martian forces on the peaceful parts of the planet have been caught on the hop. An unnamed Martian military spokesperson on Binni said. “I have the greatest respect for the Earthers – swuttin’ hell, some of my best friends are from Earth – but this is a swuttin’ blood bath!”

Martian forces have been trying to calm the situation down, but unofficial sources suggest that they are preparing to transport a further two elite Martain Ground Force Divisions to Binni to restore order in the cities. The Martian Counciller-elect for the rest of Binni was not available for comment (which in this reporter’s opinion was probably just as well).

It is reported that initial clashes between rioters, insurgents and criminal elements have resulted in the deaths of two Martin GF troops.

Insider Trading Becoming Tense

Dateline 3201.315 – Insider, Quadrant 8

Tension seems to be rising in the Insider system (Q8) over trade with their neighbours, Knobknocker and Digger. It seems that the intense trade competition for markets in the growing economy of Insider has led the other two independents to start to flex some of their newly acquired military muscle. Knobknocker and Digger have both despatched armed merchant ships to ‘protect their interests’ – and the virtually unarmed world of Insider III seems to be ‘pig in the middle’ here. Whilst no shooting has started yet – the language and positioning has concerned observers that fighting could break out at any time.

Preparations Forge Ahead on The Big Mission

Stardate 3201.370 – Sol System

‘Exploration Frenzy’ is the way the media are describing the intense public and scientific interest in plans to mount a huge international exploratory mission to investigate the ‘mystery transmission’ from deep space. Reports of a fleet of up to six ships, and over 500 crew, scientists and marines are being prepared for this epic mission. Calls are coming form all the major religions that there should be greater representation of the faiths of mankind in the personnel profile – and a number of indepents worlds are offering personnel – not wishing to be left out. Accoridng to official sources on Earth, the mission may be due to leave as soon as 3202.100 – though opposition parties on Earth are claiming that this is another of Prime Minister Lee Zhang’s ‘grandstanding stunts’ to try an consolodate his already powerful grip on the reigns of government. Critics accuse the Earther government of ‘indevcent haste’. A spokesperson for the Mission Coordinating Committee said “We understand people’s concern – after all these signals are around 2000 years old – another couple of years might not seem to matter much. But – we all know how dangerous the Universe has become over the last six years – and the sooner we know what these signals are, and something about their origins the better. A lot can happen in a couple of years.”

Icebox Votes to Come in from The Cold

Stardate 320.365, Icebox, Quadrant 0

After the results of what some might call a controversial planetwide referendum the Governing Council of Icebox has opened negotiations for full inclusive membership of the Wolf359 Commonwealth.
A spokesperson for the Council said “This move is not without it’s opponents – but let us put the acrimony behind us and look forward to what the majority of us hope will be opportunities for greater economic development.”
Many commentators were unsurprised at the popularity of the Commonwealth on Icebox – relations had been very friendly and the Commonwelath has been a much favoured trading partnerfor many years now.
The ambassadors from all the major insterstellar powers have met with the ruling council, and have publically applauded the Iceboxers’ decision. Souces suggest that, privately, both the Martian and the Earther governments are ‘slightly’ dissapointed’ that Icebox did not choose to join one of other of the giant immediate neighbours.

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