News of 3203 Turn 29

Settlers on Vulkan

Dateline 3203.012, Vulkan Quadrant 0

In a controversial move, a group of independent settlers have set up a new colony on Vulkan. Despite international agreements that this world should remain an unspoilt war grave, settlers, apparently originating from quadrant 6 worlds have moved in over the last few octants.

A spokesperson from the Interstellar war grave Commission said “..we are outraged that this desecration should take place – we are writing an urgent report on the subject and someone will receive a stiff note, I can tell you”

Kryten Kapinski, spokesperson for the colonists said “Look, its a big planet, and our colony is on the other side of the world from the site of the mass drivings. I mean, this is all ancient history. Of course we respect the dead and all that, but it is such a waste to leave this world undeveloped. And anyway its our unalienable right to go where we please – its a free universe, isn’t it?”

Cowboy Situation Develops

Dateline 3202.348 Cowboy Q2

Venerian military forces have been put on alert in Q2 as a result of reports of numbers of ships disappearing in the Cowboy system. Merchants are now avoiding the controversial world completely after three merchant ships, logged for arrival at Cowboy station have gone missing. The Cowboy colonial Government denies any knowledge of these vessels, but spacer’s groups are accusing them of destroying the vessels on their approach to the system Orbital. Quite how the Cowboy government have the capability to destroy ships without trace is, as yet unknown, but the Venerian Republic, the colony’s closest neighbour are treating the situation as serious – especially as two of the missing ships were of Venerian registry. Sources close to the Venerian Government indicate that the Cowboy system may become a target for one of the new Venerian ‘Hunter Killer’ anti-piracy groups.

Existing spacer crews report that the levels of religious fanaticism in the system had reached worrying levels – offworlders had been very unwelcome, and there are unconfirmed reports of massacres. Certainly, there are a number of tourists and archeologists reported as missing – last seen heading for Cowboy.

Landslide Victory on Douglas?

Dateline 3202.352 Douglas Q6

The colonial government on Douglas has been shaken up in recent years by the growth of a highly popular political party, the Social Righteousness Party. The success of this party is attributed to its charismatic leader, Heinrich Zemo, who has impressed the locals with his understanding of the hopes and desires of the ordinary colonist. Zemo – the son of an ordinary megadon rancher, is a relative beginner in Douglas planetary politics – but he has certainly struck a chord.  The elections to the Planetary Diet will be soon, and the established parties – the Free Mars Party, Douglas Social Democratic Party, and the Douglas Communist Party are all reported to be worried by the speed this outsider is rising in the polls. If this rise continues, by the time of the election the SRP will have a landslide victory.   The SRP’s main plank would seem to be increased standards of living, lower taxes, removal of communists, and an appeal to colonial pride. Whether this rise can be sustained to the level that the SRP becomes the planetary Government remains to be seen.

Name Changes on the Increase

Dateline 3202.395 Sol Q0

There have been an unprecedented number of applications changes of system colonial system names over the last part of this year, received at the Star Registry on Luna. Analysts suggest this is a result of economic growth, tied with a greater need for local identity arising from unease over the Exterminators. It is thought that people feel more secure with a name rather than a number.

New name registrations approved are as follows:

Quadrant  5

From P11 to Honda

Quadrant 7

From Y25 to Franklin’s World
From Z136 to New Draconis
From Z137 to Legend

Sector AI

From T25 to Express

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