News for 3203 Turn 34

Enlightenment Found Under Zen

Zen Q4

Archaeologists under IFF auspices have reported a major find on Zen (Q4).
This find consists of an unpowered, but surprisingly intact underground base.
This is the latest in a rash of fantastic finds. A spokesperson for the Zen Institute of Archaeologists said “5 years ago this would have put Zen on the map – now these bases are turning up all over the place every few days. Still, it is a great opportunity for us.”

Treaty Of Old London (Asteel Revision) Signed and agreed

New Venus Q0

Only now requiring ratification by polities’ own legal frameworks the major revision to the original Treaty of Old London was signed by all polities despite the prevarication by the Martian delegate. The treaty leads the way to a new super, pan-human Navy. Combining the fleets of all of the major polities under unified command in the event of a repeat of an alien invasion. The negotiations leading up to the treaty were, sources indicate, fraught with difficulty – the pre-negotiations involved some pretty ‘frank and fair’ exchanges between delegations. This was especially so over the wording of the legendary ‘Clause 6.1’.

Hot Carrier Corruption Case

Hot Carrier Q1

There have been a large number of arrests in a major anti-corruption exercise by the local police on Hot Carrier (Q1). Six senior government officials have been arrested, along with eight accomplices. Major seizures of records and documents have taken place, as well as a number of private bank accounts frozen. The accusations of corruption relate to contract and tender irregularities.

War Bothers Bess

Bess Q2

Major fighting has broken out between the Nouvelle Colony and Clocolan Landing colony – both independent colonies on Bess III (Q2). In recent octants, tension has built up over rivalries arising from religious and social differences. The Nouvelle Colony is claiming that colonists in a region controlled by the CLC have voted to join them and are taking up arms to protect what they claim are their co-religionists.
The resulting arms build up has meant the importation of large quantities of weapons onto this planet and the outcome is unlikely to be resolved quickly. Considerable numbers of smart mines and automatic small arms have been imported to the colony – in fact some reports are of light energy weapons being used.
The sides are evenly balanced – the Nouvellers are reluctant to launch a full-scale assault on the disputed region for fear of civilian casualties.

Shaolin Shocker

Sherman Q6

Anger flared on the streets of the city of Port Head, Sherman, Q6, as huge mobs of supporters of rival religious groupings took to the streets. Followers of the Universal Church have been claiming that they have been unfairly treated, and subjected to violence and desecration of their holy places by adherents of the Buddhist Shaolin Sect
Additional police have been drafted into the city to control the situation, but this has not prevented violent clashes. Shops owned by Shaolin citizens have been looted and burnt out. The government said “We are concerned that our peaceful and hitherto tolerant colony has had this recent problem. I’m sure everyone will come to their senses soon”. However the Bishop Ela Montante said “These damn Shaolins are heretics and heathens and hypocrites – and they are no more peaceful than an Exterminator. And their kungfu is no good”.
At a mass rally, Shaolin Sifu Lianne Durie said “the way of the Shaolin is the Way of peace. We only train hard so that we can bring sudden and swift enlightenment to our enemies. I suggest you all go and do that. Now.”
The local government is itself in crisis – there are rumours of major splits within the government on how to handle the crisis.

Balus Corporate Struggle Drags On

Balus Q3

The long running courtroom struggle against colonial govt continues. Lawyers from both sides are spending a lot of time in complex economic and social arguments. This case may run for many more octants yet.

Venerian Pirate Trap

Asteel Q0

It has been reported, that President Potato, despite being incapacitated with a severe case of the rare Magyar Virus, has claimed that Venerian star Guard are co-operating with Pirates and that it should stop. When challenged on this by the Venerian ambassador, Vice President Frink said “Look, he’s not been well you know. He’s really a great man but is under a lot of stress. I’m sure he didn’t mean to say that you were cooperating with pirates. What he meant to say was that pirates were cooperating with you…er.. I mean we were cooperating with you to help stop pirates. That’s it. I’m sure he’ll be better soon.”

The ‘Independent’ IFF has a new master

Sol Q0

Now directly financed by Earth the IFF claim that they will be able to progress with Forerunner research yet claim no comment on the events in Avalon and the Earth destruction of valuable finds or the Venerian involvement with smuggled artifacts. The director was tight lipped on each of these and just reeled out a bland press release.




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