News for 3203 Turn 35

Thor Rocked by Planetquake

Thor Q7

A state of emergency was declared throughout eastern continent of Thor, Q7 as the continent was hit by a massive planetquake. This was the largest such quake to hit the colony since its first founding 46 years ago. Initial estimates indicate that over 60,000 casualties were caused and a number of small towns have been completely destroyed. On-world services are working flat out to attempt to rescue possible survivors, and to re-establish the infrastructure, but activity has been hampered by severe weather.
A spokesperson for the government said “its pretty bad, and we don’t need outside help – we’re all fine here.” Planetologists say this was completely unexpected, and while regrettable has contributed a great deal towards our understanding of the plate tectonics of Thor.

Doctor 2 Cold Snap

Doctor Two Q5

The southern hemisphere of Doctor 2 has been hit by extreme weather conditions. The main effect was extra cold weather. The colony was caught very largely unprepared for this sudden climatic change, and 2000 people are thought to have died as a result of hypothermia and hunger as many were trapped on remote districts by the sudden and unexpected snow storms. Planetary climatologists theorise that the freak conditions were brought about by a variation in the movement of theĀ  stratospheric Jetstream, bringing unseasonably cold air up from the pole. Experts admit that Humanity has only been on this world for less than 80 years and the full range of possible climate changes may as yet not been experienced in that time.

Chablis Insults Venerians

Quoleleth Q1

The local Centauri Q1 colonial government on Quoheleth has been once again deeply embarrassed by revelations that a senior member of the administration, Executive Claudia Chablis was involved in insulting the Venerian Ambassador. She was recorded by reported as saying “You Treens are all like concentration camp guards”. A formal protest has been lodged by the Venerian colonial authorities. A spokesperson for the government said “Whilst Ms Chablis’ comments were intended as a rather misplaced attempt at humour, it occurred when she was at a private party. And this is therefore a purely personal matter.” Despite calls for Ms Chablis to apologise, she has so far refused – saying that her remarks were neither insulting or racist. Local media and opposition groups are calling not only for the resignation of Chablis, but the resignation of the Colonial Chief Executive, who employed Chablis in the first place.

Civil Unrest Downbelow

Downbelow Q6

Rioting has broken out in five towns across the equatorial continent of Downbelow (Q6), as a result of widespread resentment against employment discrimination. On one night, it was estimated that over 10,000 people were on the streets fighting the police, looting and committing other illegal acts such as arson and shoplifting.
The chief of police said “The levels of violence are unprecedented, and we have had to draft in volunteers to quell the riots – but we will make sure the lawbreaker get their just desserts.”
The president of Downbelow said “It may be that we have to bring in the militia to this region, if the local police cannot contain it. There may be issues here, but taking to the streets is not the answer. We will not be blackmailed by the criminal elements of society”.
The local media say the whole government is corrupt and must go.

Ancient Alien Base Still Working

Ritchie Q4

Archaeologists under IFF auspices have reported a major find on Ritchie (Q2).
This find consists of a buried but still powered base containing ancient technology. Local archaeologists are beside themselves with joy, and a national holiday was declared on Ritchie.

Dead Alien Found in Jungle

Bombastic Q6

The preserved body of what may be a forerunner has been found during swamp draining works on the outskirts of Norris City on Bombastic Q6. It was found together with remains of what might have been some sort of temporary camp or settlement, dating back perhaps 100,000 years. The IFF experts are saying that this might be one of the most important finds of recent years.

Martian Shuffle

Binni Q0

Martian officials announced the withdrawal of ground forces from Binni at the same time announced the building of four space carriers. This is clearly in response to the construction of the Esteeler Robot Death Star.

Luwum Breaks Free

Luwum Q8

According to the Luwum Freedom party, “Luwum regains itsindependence from a life time of bondage under the dark hand of Conglomorate rule”. Centauri spokespersons announced that they were “Letting Luwumn go” they went on to say “Luwum has had a number of difficulties meeting convergence criteria, and their projections were on an increasing divergence from the conglomerate target surplus-generation norms. As a result we are activating the break clause in the membership contract to give them the freedom to seek support and new opportunities elsewhere – we wish the Luwumers every good fortune for the future.”

Mars, Venus and the SSR Agree to form a Super Police Force

Sirius Q0

Observers are suggesting that fears of internal opposition and subversion and suggestions of New Earther Universal Order have forced them to form a new combined Police force. Quite what this pan-polity force is going to do is, as yet, unclear.

Candyman Joins Wolfers

Candyman Q2

The colonists of Candyman have voted by popular referendum to join the Wolf359 Commonwealth. The system government remains committed to the local alliance of the Combined Regular Anti-Pirate Force, and hopes to add Royal Navy assets to this alliance, thus strengthening it considerably. Commonwealth sources officially deny that the RN will not be bolstering the CRAP Forces. But the addition of potential basing facilities on the other side of Martian space in the quadrant does give the RN an important staging point for future operations.





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