News of 3205 Turn 45

Radiation Kills Hundreds 

Dateline 3204.382 Daffy Q3
A huge explosion lit up the night sky near the Daffian city of Mattock, as the local Energ-dyne fusion power plant underwent a critical containment leak, and detonated. Over 70 power workers were killed, and the nearby region had power blackout for several days. In addition, a pulse of radiation hit the nearby suburb, killing hundreds of innocent residents.
A major investigation is underway to determine the cause of the incident, and power engineering experts are being brought in from the Colonial Capital to try to determine the cause. Local people are blaming DAFT, though the terrorist organisation has not claimed responsibility.

Freak Winds Wreck Capital City

Dateline 3204.374, Tosti, Q6
The independent system ofTosti is reeling after unpredicted high winds of over 200 kph swept across the Eastern seaboard of Great Continent. The force of the winds was so great that much of the colony’s main city of MacPhiilp was flattened, killing hundreds and rendering thousands more homeless. The Colonial government is struggling – given that the economy of the system has been in decline over recent years. With the regional winter coming on, things could get very serious indeed here, and more loss of life is highly likely.


Corruption Uncovered by IAO

Dateline 3205.04 Earth Q0
A major IAO investigation, lasting over three years has resulted in over 60 arrests in the Earth-based arms corporation, Manticore PLC. The specialist audit teams followed up on a range of alleged defence contracting irregularities, and discovered what they describe as ‘contractural fraud’ amounting to overcharging the Imperium on defence contracts. The accused senior directors and contracts personnel of Manticore are supposed to have creamed off nearly 1 billion credits unlawfully.
Manticore, an independent subsidiary of LexCorps has experienced massive growth as the Imperial Navy rearmament programme has required greatly increased demand.
A spokesperson for the IAO said “what surprised us was that they thought they could get away with this. Manticore are not the only ones, and others will be receiving visits from us when they least expect it”. The lawyers acting for the arrestees, Murdock & Nelson, said “The consultancy and management charges levied on these contracts were completely valid and above board – my clients will be walking free with a few days – this is an embarrassing mistake by the IAO”
Critics of the IAO, who suggest the new IAO has become more like the First Minister’s ‘enforcers’, claim that the arrests were politically motivated, because Manticore have also been providing technological subassemblies for the Venerian and GFA navies’ shipbuilding industries. The IAO dismissed these claims as ‘stuff and nonsense’.



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