News of 3204 Turn 44

Visitors Leave

Dateline 3204.370, Gorilla Q0

According to official sources on Gorilla, the Visitor ‘station’ left our universe today.
The Gorillan government announced the lifting of all communications, travel and shipping restrictions within 4 hours of confirmation of this. A number of ships burned for the M25 of Gorilla as soon as restrictions were lifted – consisting mainly delayed merchant vessels.
Fans of the Alien Visitors have been complaining about the lack of alien trade goods (ATG) reaching dealers. The extreme rarity of ATGs is pushing prices into the million-credit range – though our sources tell us that such goods are becoming ‘virtually unobtainable’ as collectors are holding on to what they have. Apparently, trade had been brisk a few octants ago – then fell off dramatically. Auctioneers at Christies of Earth remarked that “It’s almost as if someone was trying to corner the market in ATGs”.

Hot Boiler Celebrates Peace

Dateline Hot Boiler Q8 3204.320

The long running civil war on Hot Boiler is now officially over with a peace treaty signed today in a moving and dignified ceremony.
It was signed by the former presidents of the rival colonies of Gravis and Lucky Star and witnessed by newly proclaimed Earth Ambassador Sir Jocelyn Stevens who is widely regarded as having pulled off an impossible peace and
shepherded the creation of the new constitution. Both Presidents thanked Sir Jocelyn and the Solar Republic for their help and support.
But there is still a long way to go before the planet regains its former affluence and the wounds of war are healed – there were at least 3 demonstrations against the peace and extremists on all sides are screaming betrayal.
The new constitution creates a devolved federal system under a president with a planetary government responsible only for strictly limited areas mainly involving off-planet relations. Most controversially, the constitution guarantees the primacy of planetary law if Hot Boiler ever elects to join a polity (hotly tipped to be the Earth Empire within the next few years) and also forbids discrimination against ‘normals’ with all jobs and positions open to qualified ‘normals’.


Quake III Hits Breech

Dateline Breech Q2 3204.316

Massive planetquakes have caused thousands of casualties on the Junkers Subcontinent of Breech III. The quakes caused flooding, leveled forests and collapsed buildings. Many tens of thousands have been made homeless, and the colony has declared a state of emergency. They have not yet asked for off world help, but observers are suggesting this may be necessary. This is the third and most serious of a series of planetquakes that have hit the colony over the last five years.

Robbers Escape with Massive Haul.

Dateline Duster Q8 3204.345

The struggling colony of Duster has suffered a grievous blow when the Central Bank was hit by a daring raid from a gang of robbers. Hitting the bank in broad daylight, the gang of at least 12 members used a rang of weapons and shot security guards and threatened staff and customers. Police heading for the scene were hampered by a number of small bombs elsewhere in the city. The robbers escaped with credit chips and red mercury worth over 40 million credits It is believed the gang may have escaped off world. Given that the colony has been suffering a severe economic downturn in the last year, and this is likely to make matters worse. The Colonial Council met in stormy emergency session, and the existing government was ejected after a vote of ‘no confidence’.

Rebels Continue to Challenge Empire

Dateline Phalguna, Q4 3204.303

Previously regarded by the authorities as no more than a minor annoyance, the’ Phalguna First Movement’ launched a series of surprise rocket attacks on police stations and GF bases. The local Imperial forces responded with a massive security operation, but the rebels escaped into remote mountainous jungle districts. Ongoing operations as expected to ‘quickly round up the malcontents’ according to Earth military sources.

New Strain of Dino-Flu – Epidemic

Dateline Tahnhoa Q4 3204.301

21 are dead, and thousands are off work on the outbreak of a mutated strain of what is being called ‘dino-flu’ – believed to have originated in a local breed of megadon. Whilst most of the victims have been naturals, there have been a few cases in the small perfect population here, and concern is growing. Medical authorities are confident that they will be able to bring the outbreak under control, but are being criticised for doing ‘too little too late’.

Terrorists Bomb City

Dateline Ra, Q0 3204.365

the city of Hotep on the independent world of Ra was thrown into chaos as DAFT terrorists detonated a series of bombs in the city. Security was tight following the blasts, and due to poor placing of the devices only 12 people were killed, and around 250 injured. COPs said “This could have been much worse, one of the bombs was placed in the rapid transit station – had it gone off an hour later it would have caught the Pigworth Express, bringing children from the prestigious residential school back to the city for the holiday period. The sons and daughters of many of the ruling elite would have been on that special chartered train.

Conservatives In Violent Protest

Dateline New Jerusalem Q0 3204.369

Religious conservative were on the street of the cities of New Jerusalem to protest at the policies of the ‘ungodly’ Dan Tassic. Police were out in strength, and the protests quickly turned to violence. A large number of shops and businesses were burnt out, and police made over 2000 arrests. 4 people were killed and many thousands injured before the situation was brought under control. 5 police officers were slightly injured. Community leaders are blaming ‘hotheaded religious fanatics’ for the trouble.

State of Emergency Lifted

Dateline:3204.310 Thor, Q7

The Government of Thor announced today that the state of emergency imposed after the planet quake, 3203.291, has been lifted. A minutes silence was observed to remember the people who died.
A spokesperson stated that ‘though there was a high initial loss of life the fact that the quake centred on the sparsely settled and underdeveloped Eastern Continent meant recovery has been swift. This demonstrated once again the independence, resourcefulness and sheer bloody minded tenacity of the citizens of Thor. He also praised the targeted interventions of quadrant governor Raymond Bradbury.

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